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Research Center for Environmental Technology and Management

The Research Centre for Environmental Technology and Management is designed to integrate and further develop the existing strengths in environmental engineering and management in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering into a leading centre of excellence in the region with three strategic objectives as follows:

  • To carry out application-oriented research to develop pollution abatement and management technologies that are appropriate for densely-populated cities such as Hong Kong and other major cities in Asia.
  • To transfer the developed technologies and knowhows including appropriate management techniques to local and regional users through provision of specialist consultancy services, and training of engineers and other personnel who will serve the growing environmental industry with pragmatic solutions to environmental problems.
  • To educate environmental engineers and other professionals by providing continuing professional development courses for life-long learning and problem solving through interdisciplinary partnership.


The Centre, comprising 16 academic staff members, engages predominantly in the following five areas of research which cover a wide spectrum of environmental problems.

  • Air Quality Assessment and Control
  • Traffic Pollution Assessment and Control
  • Waste Management and Land Contamination Studies
  • Water Quality Modelling
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment