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A new 25,000kN Compression Testing Machine, acquired by The Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Steel Construction (CNERC), is now located at Structural Engineering Research Laboratory (Room Y001) of the Department.  
The machine is specifically designed for mechanical tests on typical structural members made of high strength steel and composite materials under a maximum compressive load at 25,000kN.  The controller offers automatic data acquisition, data analysis, real-time data display, data storage and database management functions.

1. Compressive load capacity: 25,000 kN
2. Force measuring range: 2% - 100% of the load capacity, i.e. 500 kN - 25,000 kN
3. Force accuracy: ±1%
4. Stroke travel: 500 mm
5. Displacement measuring resolution: 0.01% FS
6. Displacement accuracy: 0.1 mm
7. Testing area: 2,200 mm L ×1,800 mm W
8. Vertical test space: 1,500 mm H

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20200728 new machine2

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