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CEE extended its warmest welcome to over 223 freshmen participating in the Orientation Programme on 27 August 2019. Prof. C.S. Poon, Head of CEE, kicked off the event by introducing the department, its facilities and recent achievements. Representatives from Health, Safety and Environment Office, Office of General University Requirements, Centre of Student Advancement and Resources, and University Health Service also highlighted their services to help students adapt to university life.

1 IMG 1035

Prof. C.S. Poon, Head of CEE, welcomed all freshmen


2 IMG 1150



Programme Leaders/Deputy Programme Leaders were giving a brief introduction of programme requirement:

3 IMG 4369

Dr Y.H. Wang - BEng in Civil Engineering


4 31469 SY 04

Ir C.L. Kwan - BEng in Civil Engineering (Senior Year)


5 Fire03

Dr S.Y. Zhu – BEng in SustainableStructural and Fire Engineering


6 IMG 20190827 154323

Dr Ben Leu – BEng in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development


7 31474 SY 2

Dr Y. Jiang – BEng in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development (Senior Year)


8 image00013

Dr Barbara Siu - HD in Civil Engineering



Dr Nicole Yiu and Dr Dan Tsang – BEng in Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health


Freshmen were invited to visit the CEE laboratories:

10 IMG 1290

Air Pollution Laboratory


11 31469 SY 08

Geology Laboratory


12 IMG 1346

Fire Engineering Laboratory


13 31469 SY 11

Hydraulics Laboratory


14 IMG 1236

Noise and Safety Laboratory


15 IMG 1311

Water and Waste Research Laboratory


16 IMG 1413

17 IMG 1399

Structural Engineering Research Laboratory


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