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CEE hosted the Two-day Training for 30 students from 10 local secondary schools on 26 and 27 June 2019, offering them the opportunity to taste what is civil and environmental engineering via mini lecture, simple laboratory experiments and CEE Summer Programme. The training also aimed to introduce our Department, promote CEE academic programmes to S4 and S5 students, and strengthen CEE’s connection with secondary schools.

On 27 June 2019, 20 more students from 5 local secondary schools joined the training. There were 50 secondary students in total.

T1 Group photo


Two-day Training to Secondary Students 2019

The Training kicked off with the mini lecture on “Driving Sustainable Growth of Our City – The Role of Civil and Environmental Engineers”, followed by a series of activities including laboratory visits, campus tour and team-based competition: Plastic Stick Bridge Challenge.

T2 IMG 0329

Dr Andy LEUNG, Associate Professor of CEE was delivering the Mini Lecture


On 26 June 2019 (Day 1 of the Training), participants not only attended a mini lecture, but also participated in four laboratory visits and visit to PolyU campus which provided an opportunity for them to know more about the study life and the learning facilities of PolyU and CEE.

Laboratory Visits

T3 Air pollution lab T4 IMG 0389

                                 Air Pollution Laboratory                                              Transport and Highway Engineering Laboratory       


T6 Hydraulics lab T8 IMG 0412

                                   Hydraulics Laboratory                                                    Structural Engineering Research Laboratory  


Campus Tours & Visits

T10 IMG 0434 T11 IMG 0473

                       Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub                                                              Pao Yue-Kong Library


T12 Hall

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Student Halls of Residence


Two-day Training to Secondary Students 2019 cum Summer Programme 2019

On Day 2 of the Training cum Summer Programme 2019 (27 June), Team-based Competition was the highlight of the day. This year’s competition was “Plastic Stick Bridge Challenge”. 50 secondary students were divided into 12 teams and each team was given an hour to fabricate plastic stick bridge structures. The bridge structures were judged against maximum loading, lightness, aesthetic and innovation. The competition provided an opportunity for the students to develop their analytical and communication skills, and to acquire structural engineering knowledge through building and testing a plastic stick bridge structure.


Team-based Competition - Plastic Stick Bridge Challenge

T14 IMG 0498 T15 IMG 0502


Team-based Competition - Plastic Stick Bridge Challenge (Loading Test)

T17 IMG 0700 T18 Picture1


Team-based Competition - Plastic Stick Bridge Challenge (Prize Presentation)

T19 Champion T20 First runnung up

                           Champion (La Salle College)                             First Runner-up (Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section))


T21 Second running up T22 Most Aestheic and Innovation

Second Runner-up (AD & FDPOHL Leung Sing Tak College)   Most Aesthetic and Innovative Award (St. Paul's School (Lam Tin))


Introduction about CEE Academic Programmes

 T23 IMG 0814

Dr YH Wang, Programme Leader of BEng in Civil Engineering


T24 IMG 0829

Dr Jiang Yi, Deputy Programme Leader of BEng in Environmental Engineering & Sustainable Development  


T25 Picture2

Prof. William H.K. Lam, Chair Professor of Civil and Transportation Engineering


Laboratory Visits

T27 SAM 4405 T29 IMG 0619 10

                                      Odour Laboratory                                                                            Geology Laboratory


T31 Water lab T32 Nosie lab

                                    Water Laboratory                                                                                  Noise Laboratory    


Campus Visits

T34 House of Innovation

House of Innovation

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