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The Faculty of Construction and Environment (FCE) Translational Research Forum on “Sustainable Urban Development in the Greater Bay Area” was successfully held on 26 and 27 April 2019 for academics, researchers, business leaders, industry practitioners and government officials from different countries to exchange the latest research results on sustainable urban development of the GBA.


T1 Forum group photo 2


The Forum provided a platform to discuss and exchange views on the topics related to three themes:

1) Environment, Atmosphere & Energy;

2) Smart City & Mobility; and

3) Smart Construction.

Participants discussed challenging issues in sustainable development of the GBA and how translational research can benefit the GBA development.


T3 Presentation

From left to right: Prof. William H. K. Lam (Head of CEE), Prof. C. S. Poon (Chair Professor of Sustainable Construction Materials and  Associate Head (Research Development)), Prof. T. Wang (Chair Professor of Atmospheric Environment), Prof. X. D. Li (Chair Professor of Environmental Science and Technology & Associate Dean (FCE)), Prof. K. F. Chung (Professor and Associate Head (Academic Development)), Prof. J.H. Yin (Chair Professor of Soil Mechanics) and Prof. Y. Q. Ni (Professor) were giving the presentations on their research projects


Exhibition on CEE’s Research Projects

T4 Prof. William Lam 3

Prof. William H. K. Lam:
Smart Transport and Infrastructures


T5 Prof. Poon 4

Prof. C. S. Poon:
Turning Waste into Eco-construction Materials


T6 Prof. Wang Tao 2

Prof. T. Wang:
Improving air quality through cutting-edge research


T7 photo 53 Prof. Y Xia

Prof. Y. Xia:
High Performance Structures


540 participants joined the Forum, including more than 35 government officials, over 130 industry professionals, and around 120 participants from mainland China.

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