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Ir Prof. William H.K. Lam, Head of CEE, visited Civil Engineering Department of Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) from 6 to 9 February 2019.

During the visit, Ir Prof. Lam delivered a seminar to introduce the Department of CEE, the current research projects and the Intelligent Transportation Systems in HK. It was a good opportunity to meet with academic staff and students in ITC to exchange views and ideas.

20190208 Visit Phnom Penh2

Ir Prof. Lam (2nd from left), Head of CEE, PolyU presented a silk banner to Dr Thavarith Chhunhieng, Deputy Director of ITC (2nd from right), Mr Chhay Horng Chhouk (1st from right), Head of Civil Engineering Department, Mr Rada Chrea (1st from left), Deputy Head of Civil Engineering Department


20190208 Visit Phnom Penh1

Ir Prof. Lam delivered a seminar titled “Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Hong Kong : Challenges and Opportunities” to students and staff in Institute of Technology of Cambodia

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