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On 7 January 2019, Dr LAM Tai-fai, SBS, JP, Council Chairman of PolyU and Dr LI Kwok-chang, Lawrence, JP, Deputy Council Chairman of PolyU visited the Faculty of Construction and Environment (FCE). During the visit, Dr LAM and Dr LI met with Dean of FCE, Department Heads of FCE and academic staff to understand FCE programmes, focused research areas and the plan for 2019-2020.

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Front row: Dr T. F. Lam, SBS, JP (Council Chairman) (4th from left), Dr Lawrence K. C. Li, JP, (Deputy Council Chairman) (3rd from right),
Ms Loretta W. H. Fong (Treasurer of the University) (2nd from left), Prof. Y. L. Xu (Dean, FCE,) (3rd from left) and Council Members of PolyU

Second row: Prof. Usmani Asif Sohail (Head, BSE) (1st from left), Prof. William H. K. Lam (Head, CEE) (2nd from left),
Prof. X. L. Ding (Associate Dean, Partnership, FCE) (3rd from left), Prof. X. D. Li (Associate Dean, Research, FCE) (3rd from right),
Prof. John W. Z. Shi (Head, LSGI) (2nd from right) and Ir Prof. Chan P. C., Albert (Head, BRE) (1st from right)


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Laboratory visit by Council Chairman and Council Members


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