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PolyU STEM Day 2018 for Secondary 4 to 6 Students was successfully held on 18 December 2018. CEE sessions on the STEM Day comprised: STEM Lecture entitled “Nanotechnology for a Better Future” given by Dr Y. Jiang (Assistant Professor of CEE), laboratory tours and STEM workshop on “Plastic Stick Bridge Challenge”.

 IMG 1411 S1 1

Dr Y. Jiang was giving the STEM Lecture


IMG 1405 S1 2

FCE Exhibition Booth at Consultation Session on Further Studies


IMG 1419 S1 3

 Visiting Water and Waste Teaching Laboratory


IMG 1403 S1 4

Visiting Structural Engineering Research Laboratory


PolyU STEM Day 2018 - Plastic Stick Bridge Challenge

Seven teams with 4 members each team were given 45 minutes to fabricate plastic stick bridge structures. The bridge structures were judged against maximum loading, lightness, aesthetic and innovation. The workshop provided an opportunity for the students to develop their analytical and communication skills and to acquire structural engineering knowledge through building and testing a plastic stick bridge structure.

IMG 8894 OK IMG 8902 OK

 IMG 8906 OK IMG 8910 OK

IMG 8914 OK IMG 8918 OK

IMG 8897 OK

Plastic Stick Bridge Structures fabricated by seven teams


The participating students were highly creative and put in a lot of effort into design and fabrication.

IMG 8923 S3 IMG 8939 S3

IMG 8951 S3 IMG 8967 S3

IMG 8967 S3 IMG 8974 S3

Loading Test


Winning Teams

To close the event, Mr C.L. Kwan, Teaching Fellow of CEE, congratulated the participants on their outstanding performance and presented prizes to the winners.

IMG 8992 S4 1

Champion: The Jockey Club EduYoung College


IMG 8987 S4 2

1st Runner-up: Kau Yan College


IMG 8985 S4 3

2nd Runner-up: Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College


IMG 8983 S4 4

Most Aesthetic and Innovative Award: Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College


IMG 9002 S5

Mr C.L. Kwan (Teaching Fellow of CEE) (middle in the last row), technical staff and team members

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