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Professor Hai GUO and his research team from CEE held a symposium on the progress of project “Regional Observation and Source Identification of Toxic and Harmful Air Pollutants in China” (2017-2020), funded by National Key R&D Program of China, Ministry of Science and Technology (2017YFC0212001) on 9-11 November 2018 in Shenzhen. The representatives from five sub-projects of this project presented their progresses, followed by vigorous discussion with the six invited specialists and other participants.

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Prof. Hai GUO in CEE was sharing his research progress during the symposium.


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Dr. Xiaopu LYU in CEE was presenting the progress of sub-project 1 during the symposium.


During the symposium, six specialists in atmospheric environment in China provided their professional comments and suggestions on this project.

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Prof. Hai GUO presented each specialist the flag and souvenir of CEE department.