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A joint team from PolyU and National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan received the “Honorable Paper Award” at the 2nd IWSHMRS. Prof. Y.Q. Ni, Professor of CEE and Mr. Y.H. Pai, Research Assistant of CEE, are members of the joint team. The paper is entitled Vibration Characteristics of Direct-Fixation Track with Flexible Fastenersco-authored by Y.Q. Ni, Y.H. Pai, C.M. Kuo, C.H. Huang and C.C. Lin.


Untitled 1 20181030 yh pai award

YH Pai receving award

Mr. Y. H. Pai (4th from left) presented the paper and received the award at the 2nd IWSHMRS held on 17-19 October 2018 in Qingdao, China.

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