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From November 2017 to early February 2018, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Winter Sampling Campaign was carried out simultaneously in Shanghai and Hong Kong, led by Prof. Hai Guo of CEE, Prof. Lidia Morawska of the Queensland University of Technology, Prof. Yingjun Chen of the Tongji University and Prof. Rajasekhar Balasubramanian of the National University of Singapore. The project is a comparative study of emission, transformation and effects of urban pollution from Australia, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and is funded by the Asian Universities Cluster (AUC) Center of Excellence in Civil Engineering.

20180321 news2

Prof. Lidia Morawska was visiting the sampling site at the

Cross-Harbour Tunnel in Hong Kong

(from left to right: Mr Xiaopu Lyu, Prof. Hai Guo, Prof. Lidia Morawska,

Dr Tengyu Liu, Mr Haoxian Lu and Mr Dawen Yao)

20180321 news3

The Sampling site at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel in Hong Kong

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