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The Department admits both PhD and MPhil research degrees students. The departmental major research areas include: Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, and Construction Management.

Major Research Facilities


  • Atmospheric Research Station at Hok Tsui
  • Air Laboratory
  • Computer Room
  • Concrete Technology Laboratory
  • Geology Laboratory
  • Hong Kong Road Research Laboratory
  • Hydraulics Laboratory
  • Electronics Workshop
  • Light Structures Laboratory
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Noise Laboratory
  • Odour Research Laboratory
  • Rock Mechanics Laboratory
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  • Structural Dynamics Laboratory
  • Structural Engineering Research Laboratory
  • Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory
  • Transportation & Highway Engg. Laboratory
  • Water & Wastes Laboratory
  • Water Analysis Laboratory


Research Directions

The Department encourages its staff members to carry out quality research and the focus is on conducting specialized applied research to foster advancements in all spectra of civil engineering. Our aim is to gain local, regional and international recognitions and publishing in top-tiered journals. Staff members are encouraged to conduct collaborative research projects with other institutions in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas.


Major Achievements (past 5 years 2005-10)

CERG/GRF projects secured : 64 for 5 years
Publications: Journal SCI papers >160 per year on average , Citation per paper in 2008/09: >90

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