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Invited speech / Oral presentation

An oral paper will be allocated 12 minutes for the speaker's presentation, with an additional 3 minutes for Questions and Answers (Q & A). However, depending on the availability of time, Q & A will be handled flexibly by the Session Chairpersons. In some cases, Q & A will only be entertained at the end of each session.

Flash oral presentation

A flash oral paper will be allocated 5 minutes for the speaker's presentation without Q & A.



Presenters are requested to show up in the designated presentation room 15 minutes prior to the assigned session and report to the Session Chairpersons or conference helpers for setting up and testing equipment. Presenters are required to use the organizer’s computer for presentation. The presenters shall provide the presentation files to the conference helpers or copy the presentation file to the organizer’s computer themselves before the session start time. The presentation file should be saved on a USB device.

For a smooth run-down of each session, presenters are asked to be seated in order in front of the session room. When a presentation is finished, the next presenter will move up to the podium and the session Chairperson will give announcement for next presentation accordingly.