Motor Vehicle/ Vessel Emissions Control Workshop 2016

14-16 December 2016
Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Jointly organized by:    
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Ministry of Environmental Protection,
The People’s Republic of China
Environmental Protection Department,
Hong Kong SAR
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Motor vehicle/vessel emissions are the main sources of air pollution. Air pollution has been of great concern of the Hong Kong and many Chinese cities in recent years. Government has been trying very hard to curb vehicle / vessel emissions. Worldwide, advances have been made on three fronts to control the emissions of both vehicles and vessels: a) the technological improvements in fuel efficient and cleaner engines as well as alternative fuelled (especially electric) vehicles and vessels; b) the use of remote sensing and on-board emission measurement technology to identify dirty engines emitting excessively and c) the use of retrofit technology to reduce exhaust emissions. There is an urgent need for promoting exchanges in these areas in order to ascertain our existing control measures and formulate further strategies in the years to come.

Main Themes

1. Current technological advances in vehicle and vessel emission control worldwide.

2. Opportunities and challenges of alternative fuel vehicles, especially electric vehicles

3. Remote sensing and on-board measurement technologies to identify dirty engines

4. Retrofit technology to reduce exhaust emissions

5. Policy options in vehicle and vessel emissions control

Who should attend?

Academics, professionals, government officials, environmental consultants and contractors and other practitioners from Europe, Japan, America, Mainland China and locally in Hong Kong are highly recommended to attend.


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