Translation Society

Introduction and Aims


The Translation Society is a student society affiliated with the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies (CBS), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), aiming to provide all TranSoc students with a platform on which they can hone their translation and interpreting skills.


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Executive Committee Members (Effective from Jan 2019)


ZHAO Wai Sze, Scarlett (President)

YU Ka Ling, Irene (Vice President, Secretary Team)

CHAN Wing Chung (Secretary Team)

LIU Chang, Jasmine (Financial Team)

HO Yui, Peter (Financial Team)

LIU Linlin, Celia (Communication Team)

FUNG LIANG Jessica Ka Wai (Communication Team)

BAI Hanyu, Shirley (Event-organizing Team)

LAU Tsz Lam, Rachel (Event-organizing Team)

KAI Tsz Huen, Circle (Event-organizing Team)

KWOK Ka Yan, Yan (Event-organizing Team)



SD Chan

Prof CHAN Shui-duen

Andrew Cheung

Dr CHEUNG Kay Fan Andrew

Maggie Hui

Dr HUI Ting Ting Maggie


Dr LI Dechao

Li Wenjing

Dr LI Wenjing


Mr NG Pak Kei Patrick


Dr NGAI Sing Bik Cindy


Dr TIEN Yuk Sunny


Dr WU Dongying

David Yuen

Dr YUEN Chun Wah