Research Projects

Project Title
Principal Investigator
Relations between Theory of Mind, Mental State Terms, and Presuppositions in Cantonese-speaking Children with and without Autism Spectrum DisordersDr CHEUNG Chi Hang Functional Connectome of Semantic Processing across the Adult Lifespan: A Multi-modal Investigation using EEG and fMRIProf. WANG William Shi Yuan Using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Improve Speech Production in Cantonese Speakers with Dysarthria Post-strokeDr WONG Min Ney Mandarin Alphabetical Words: A Study on the Role of Orthography in Morphological and Phonological AdaptationProf. HUANG Chu-ren General auditory or speech-specific origin? Talker normalization revisitedDr PENG Gang The persuasive effect of the specific communication styles in corporate leaders’narrative messages on stakeholders’ attitudeDr NGAI Sing Bik Cindy A Parallel and Comparable Investigation of Translator's Style in Hong Lou Meng TranslationsDr LIU Kanglong Mental Representations of Chinese Tones: Abstract vs. Episodic AccountsDr POLITZER-AHLES Stephen James Asymmetries in Cantonese Children's Comprehension and Production of Relative Clauses: Structure, Typology and ProcessingDr CHAN Wing Shan Angel Psycholinguistic Investigations of Abstract Cognitive Categorization, Speech_x000D_ Perception, and PredictionDr POLITZER-AHLES Stephen James Bilinguals’ Use of Linguistic Cues for Prediction and AdaptationDr CHAN Wing Shan Angel Neural Mechanisms for Phonological Alternation with High and Low Productivity - a Case Study on Tone SandhiDr ZHANG Caicai An Action Research on Learning Patterns & Strategies of Chinese Characters for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Hong KongDr LEUNG Wai Mun Psycholinguistic Investigations of Scalar Implicatures and Prosodic FocusDr POLITZER-AHLES Stephen James Transitivity in Light Verb Constructions: Studies in Mandarin Chinese and BeyondProf. HUANG Chu-ren Distributional Models for Sentence ComprehensionProf. HUANG Chu-ren The Role of Memory Consolidation and Native Language Backgrounds in_x000D_ Perceptual Learning of Cantonese TonesProf. WANG William Shi Yuan The Effect of Linguistic Condition on the Perception of Social MeaningDr YAO Yao Cultural Identity and Language Attitudes of Mainland Immigrants in Hong Kong: a Sociolinguistic PerspectiveDr FUNG Suk Yee Roxana