Major Research Facilities

Speech and Language Sciences Laboratory (SLS Lab)

Purpose-built to support experimental research in phonetics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, speech therapy, and communication studies, our Speech and Language Sciences Laboratory (SLS Lab) is equipped with Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERP) systems, eye tracker, Electroglottograph (EGG), videostroboscopes, nasometer and audiometers. One research focus of the Language and Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN) team is to identify neural biomarkers for detecting cognitive decline and diagnosing memory problems among the elderly Chinese population with a view to exploring coping strategies.


Speech Therapy Unit (STU)

A clinic with access to subjects diagnosed with symptoms of communication disorder was set up to provide basic treatment and facilitate empirical research grounded in clinical data.


Center for Translation Studies (CTS)

State¬of¬the¬art Interpretation Labs


Computational Linguistics Research Team

Construction of comparable corpora: based on available resources

  • Chinese Annotated Gigaword Corpus • Building statistic models and extraction of linguistic data oUnivariate model;
  • Multivariate Polytomous Logistic Regression model • Linguistic analysis of statistical results;
  • Light Verb Construction (e.g., 加以/進行///從事 jinxing/ jiayi/zuo/gao/congshi 'in‑ict/proceed/do/do/engage');
  • VO compounds (投資房地產 touzi fangdichan invest real estate 'invest in real estate').