\(\LaTeX\) slides and example files for linguistic document typesetting. Feel free to download them for your own use, and to copy or adapt any code you need! Inspect the TEX files to see how the PDF files were created.

And of course, feel free to contact us if you have any problems or questions about how to do something in \(\LaTeX\).

How to get \(\LaTeX\)

\(\LaTeX\) is free software but it's kind of a pain to download and install, especially on Windows. The easiest way is to download protext, a little program that does most of the work for you. Follow that link and then click "download the self-extracting protext.exe file"; once downloaded, unzip the file, find the Setup.exe program within its folder, and follow the instructions in that document to install \(\LaTeX\).

Workshop slides

Basic examples

Sample articles

  • An example handout (tex, bib, pdf)
    • (The content of this handout is outdated, as I revised the paper a lot after this presentation. But it's still ok as an example of how to make a handout in \(\LaTeX\).)
  • An example article (tex, bib, pdf)
  • Same article, KWPL format (tex, bib, pdf)

by Stephen Politzer-Ahles. Last modified on 2010-10-16.