Research methods (with a focus on experimental and corpus linguistics)

Stephen Politzer-Ahles and Yao Yao

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This a self-paced online subject. There are no lectures; the class is organized around learning activities, and you can do most of them at your own pace. For more details about how these online classes are arranged and about how you can use these materials, see the description on my Classes homepage.

This subject is a basic overview of various topics relevant to conducting research in linguistics. This will include topics related to research design and research ethics; topics related to specific research techniques and methodology; and topics related to data analysis and statistics.

The subject is divided into modules. Each module involves some reading and activities for you to do on your own, as well as one or more tasks to submit for credit. Each module also includes an "advanced-level" task; to earn higher grades, you must complete the advanced-level tasks in at least some (but not necessarily all) modules that you choose.

In addition to the modules, there is an extra A-level project that you must complete if you wish to earn an A. You may choose which modules and assignments to do, based on what grade you aim to earn.

Activities and assignments

Here are the assignments included in this class. You don't need to do every assignment; see the "Grade bundles" below to see which assignments are needed to earn a given grade.

Grade bundles

These are the assignments that you need to complete to earn a given grade:

There are no minus or plus grades in this subject.

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