Neurolinguistics (9 hours)

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Module overview

The goal of this module is for you to get familiar with what kinds of methods are used for measuring brain activity and using it to address psycholinguistic questions. By the end of the module, hopefully you will be able to do the following things:

Module instructions

This module includes seven tasks. The first task is compulsory for this module. After you finish the first task, you must complete three out of the last six tasks in order to receive credit for completing this module.

Module activities

  1. Intro to neurolinguistic methods (3 hours)
  2. Extra tasks
    1. Measuring aphasia (2 hours)
    2. fMRI (2 hours)
    3. The N400 (2 hours)
    4. The Lateralized Readiness Potential (2 hours)
    5. The Mismatch Negativity (2 hours)
    6. The N400 vs. the P600 (2 hours)
  3. Optional: discussion topics

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