Mainland Chinese WIE Programmes 2017-2018

Do you wish for a rewarding learning experience this summer?

Let’s partner with CAPS, fulfill your WIE requirement and enjoy a meaningful internship experience together! 

CAR cum Nanjing WIE CMclick5 (Nanjing)

Explore cultural city of Nanjing, fulfil CAR and WIE requirements in 1 summer! Highly recommended for junior year / SYA students!

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CM2017 2

CAR cum Xi’an WIE CMclick5 (Xi'an)

Explore the origin of Silk Road, fulfil CAR and WIE requirements in 1 summer! Highly recommended for junior year / SYA students!

CM2017 3 CM2017 4

Connect with Alumni, Explore WIE CMclick5 (Beijing, Hangzhou, Sanya, Shanghai, Shenzhen)

Mentored by PolyU Alumni employers, you will enjoy an extraordinary internship experience in first tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou!

CM2017 5 CM2017 6

Exploring Chinese WIE through Hong Kong Enterprises CMclick5 (Conghua, Nansha)

Upon graduation, are you eager to join Hong Kong Enterprises with major businesses in China?
CAPS is cooperating with Hong Kong Enterprises to provide Engineering internship opportunities in China.


Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur WIE CMclick5 (Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Jinan, Nanchang, Shanghai)

Sponsored by Bauhinia Cup Entrepreneurs, you will get in touch with leading employers in China and get connected with them.

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Shanghai WIE CMclick5 (Shanghai)

You will meet people from diverse culture and background by working as an intern in leading companies. Apply quickly to gain admission to this most popular internship programme.

CM2017 9 CM2017 10

Beijing WIE CMclick5 (Beijing)

Working in the capital of China, you will be exposed to core industries and core employers of our motherland. Don’t miss the chance to this rewarding experience!

CM2017 11 CM2017 12

Shanghai Banking & Finance WIE CMclick5 (Shanghai)

A career in Banking and Finance industry is all about building meaningful connections and increasing your international exposure while working in Shanghai. Join this internship programme now!

CM2017 13 CM2017 14

Beijing Innovation WIE CMclick5 (Beijing)

Innovation is the number one driving force for economic prosperity. Join Beijing innovation WIE, understand more about the development of the industry.

CM2017 15 CM2017 16

Shanghai Jiaotong University WIE Programme 2018 CMclick5(Shanghai)

You will have the opportunities to work in School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation or Science Park of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


Fudan University WIE CMclick5(Shanghai)

In order to add value to your internship experience, you are welcome to join Fudan University internship programme as different weekend excursions will be organized for you!

CM2017 17 CM2017 18

Zhongguancun Science Park WIE CMclick5 (Beijing)

The Science Park, known as “Chinese Silicon Valley”, is the R&D headquarters of national level high-tech enterprises. Great chance for you to explore the new era of Beijing High-technology Industry.

CM2017 19 CM2017 20

See the World through MNC WIE CMclick5 (Beijing, Shanghai)

The MNC WIE Programme offers you workplace experience in the Chinese mainland at Multinational Corporations (MNC). You will work with a diverse workforce, deal with international clients and expand your international horizon.

CM2017 21 CM2017 22

Guangdong-Hong Kong WIE CMclick5 (Shenzhen)

You can maximize your learning outcome and experience the culture of living and working in Shenzhen.

CM2017 25 CM2017 26


General Programme Information


Programme Fee HKD 2,000
Dates 6-8 weeks between May and August 2018
Flight Ticket Inclusive
Accommodation Inclusive
Travel Insurance Inclusive


CM2017 27 Map

One Belt One Road Cities