To assist PolyU’s final-year students in their search for graduate jobs, CAPS organise recruitment talks to help you meet employers and offer you the opportunity to ask questions and build relationships.

You can find the list of the recruitment talks HERE.

Participation in recruitment talks requires prior registration which can be done via POSS. Click HERE for the registration procedure.

The talk is the first step of a recruitment process. It is often more effective if you are prepared before attending the talks. The following tips can help you get the most from your attendance.

You may wish to know the list of things below: 

About the Post and the Company

About the post

  • The job duties.
  • The prospects, including training, development and promotion.
  • The remuneration.
  • The qualities that the employer is looking for among fresh graduates.
  • The recruitment process.

About the company

  • Its mission and core value.
  • Its past achievements and future developments.
  • Its prized products/services and the “yet-to-develop” aspects.
  • Its competitive edge in the market.
  • Its key challenges in the market.

About the working environment

  • The people you will likely to work with.
  • The working environment and atmosphere. 

It is advisable that you get the answers before you go to the talk. You may find the answers from: 

  • The job advertisement placed by the company.
  • The printed or on-line information of the company.
  • The alumni who have worked or are still working in the company. 

Etiquette in a Talk

You may show your courtesy by:    

  • Being punctual.
  • Being attentive.
  • Being responsive.
  • Sitting closer to the speakers. 

Asking Questions in a Talk

It is important that you try to ask questions in the talk, because it shows: 

  • Your preparation and research done before coming to the talk.
  • Your communication skills, e.g. tact, politeness, etc.
  • Your eagerness to know the company and the job. 

Some examples of good questions to be asked in the talk include: 

  • A question about the company that you really want to know. (This shows your preparation before coming to the talk.)
  • A question about the career prospect of the post. (This shows your motivation.) 

When you ask a question, you have to ask it in: 

  • A clear and polite way.
  • A positive tone.