Q1. Why should I consider participating in PolyU’s internship programmes as a placement company?

  • Your partnership in the programmes would greatly enhance the educational experience of our students and facilitate their personal and career development.
  • Our students' high level of professional knowledge and skills will surely benefit the operations of your company.
  • We have provided our students with pre-internship training to get them well prepared for the challenges in the workplace.
  • Your participation in our programmes is a cost-effective trainee recruitment exercise, and you will be able to identify potential permanent employees through the process.

Q2. What are expected of the placement company in internship programmes?

  • Our main expectation is that you provide a project or tasks that offer learning opportunities to our students.
  • During the placement, it would be desirable if you assign a supervisor to the intern to provide guidance and feedback to him/her.
  • An allowance for the internship is recommended.

Q3. When will the students be available for the internship, and for how long?

  • For summer internship, our students will be available after completing their final examinations in late May. The internship is expected to end by August.
  • Students can also be flexible about taking up part-time assignments or spring internships depending on their study mode and workload.

Q4. What is the level of allowance we should provide? What about insurance and MPF?

  • You are welcome to provide training allowance or salary, based on the market rate, to interns to compensate for their work and to cover their basic expenses such as transportation cost.
  • All PolyU students taking on placements are covered by the Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance policy provided by PolyU.
  • Normally, for PolyU undergraduate students taking curriculum-based on-the-job training, it is not necessary to contribute to MPF when a salary is offered, unless an employer-employee relationship is involved.

Q5. Will the student intern be able to work at the placement company after graduation?

Full-time employment after the internship is a matter between the placement company and the student. This is all up to the two parties to decide.

Q7. What should I do during the recruitment process?

  • Upon receiving your request, we will disseminate your job description to our students.
  • We will conduct a preliminary screening of the student applicants for the job, based on your job requirements.
  • We will send you the list of screened candidates for you to conduct interviews and/or assessments. We may assist in arranging interviews and liaison with students if needed.
  • If you are unable to identify suitable candidates in the interviews and assessments, we will advertise the position again.
  • Once you have identified the right candidate, you will confirm the placement with the selected student.

Q8. Can I hire non-local students for internship?

Information about non-local students/graduates taking on internship, part-time and full-time employment in Hong Kong