Theme Co-ordinator: Ir Prof Ming Zhang 
This research area encompasses various underpinning clinical and engineering sciences related to the neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) system. The scope covers the molecular understanding of the pathologies associated with the NMS system and health protection against those disease and disabling processes; laboratory, imaging and functional assessment of the NMS system; acute and long-term therapeutics for NMS disorders; assistive technologies for rehabilitation and enablement. A major focus of this thematic area is to help develop healthcare technology that will support NMS health in the community.
Two centres under BME are directly associated with this theme. They are:
  • Research Centre for Musculoskeletal Bioengineering (RCMBE)
  • Jockey Club Rehabilitation Engineering Center
This research grouping has long-time collaboration with a number of world-class programmes overseas as well as with the two medical faculties in the universities of Hong Kong.
Faculty members in this research area: