Theme Co-ordinator: Dr Lei SUN

This thematic research area aims to design and develop new biomedical imaging methods and devices, biosensors, screening methods, and treatment approaches. A key focus of this group is biomedical ultrasound instrumentation and application including 3D ultrasound imaging, ultrasound biomicroscopy, tissue elasticity imaging and measurement, photo-acoustic imaging, ultrasound tissue characterization, ultrasound stimulation, ultrasound assessment for heart, breast, liver, skin, tendon, muscle, cartilage, diabetic foot, etc. Another key focus of this group is biomedical sensing including development of nano- and micro- biosensors, microfluidic devices, nanoporous membrance for sensing, microchip, micro- and smart drug delivery devices. We also develop wearable sensors for healthcare for motion and vital sign monitoring.

Faculty members in this research area: