Assistant ProfessorDr. Sharon Y.C. RUAN


Tel: 34008084

Office: GH134

ORCID: 0000-0002-4266-6789

Research Interests

Ion channels in reproductive health and diseases.
Ion channels in development, endocrine & metabolic diseases and bone-related regenerative medicine.




Dr Sharon (Ye Chun) Ruan received her Ph.D. degree from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2009, and afterwards went for postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital (USA) for 4 years. In 2013, she was recruited as a Research Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since 2017, Dr Ruan has been appointed as Assistant Professor in Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at PolyU.

Dr Ruan’s research has focused on ion channels, a group of membrane proteins, and their related signaling transduction in reproduction/development and associated human diseases. Her work has yielded important findings including identifying the epithelial sodium channel as an essential player in embryo implantation (published in Nature Medicine, 2012) and labor (EMBO Molecular Medicine, 2018); and CFTR, another epithelial ion channel, in organ development (J Cell Sci., 2014) and metabolic diseases (Nature Communications, 2014). In addition, she has extended the research into new roles of ion channels in bone-associated regenerative medicine and made a major breakthrough for the mechanistic study on Mg2+-induced osteogenic effects (Nature Medicine, 2016).

Dr Ruan has won a couple of major awards such as “National Science and Technology Award in Women and Children’s Health” and successfully obtained funding support from General Program (2015-2018) by National Natural Sciences Foundation of China, General Research Fund (2014-2018), Early Career Scheme (2017-2020), Theme-based Research Scheme (Co-PI, 2017-2022) by Research Grants Council of Hong Kong and Health and Medical Research Fund (2017-2020) by Food and Health Bureau of Hong Kong.

Currently, Dr Ruan aims to continue her research on ion channels with a particular interest in developing ion channels into molecular targets in the diagnosis/treatment of human diseases.

阮曄純博士於2009年獲得中山大學博士學位,隨後赴美國哈佛醫學院麻省總醫院從事博士後研究工作四年。2013年,她被聘為香港中文大學研究助理教授;2017年2 月出任香港理工大學生物醫學工程學系助理教授及博士生導師。

阮博士的研究關注在離子通道(一類細胞膜蛋白)及其參與的信號轉導通路在生殖與發育及相關人類疾病中的作用,並取得了一系列重要的研究成果,包括:首次揭示上皮鈉通道在胚胎著床(發表於Nature Medicine 2012)和分娩啟動(EMBO Mol Med 2018)中的作用和機制;CFTR(另一種上皮離子通道)在器官發育(J. Cell Science 2014)和代謝性疾病(Nature Communications 2014,Endocrinology 2017)中的重要作用。另外,她的研究也擴展到離子通道在骨相關的再生醫學上的潛在價值,並在有關鎂誘導的成骨效應的研究中取得重要突破(Nature Medicine 2016)。

阮博士曾獲得“國家婦女兒童健康科技獎一等獎”等重要獎項;曾參與國家科技部973重點基礎研發計畫,成功獲得國家自然科學基金(面上項目2015-2018),香港研究資助局(General Research Fund 2014-2018, Early Career Scheme 2017-2020, Theme-Based Research Scheme 2017-2022),香港衛生署 (Health and Medical Research Fund 2018-2020) 等重要研究資助計畫。


Selected Publication

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  2. Zhang, Y, Xu, J, Ruan, YC, et al. Implant-derived magnesium induces local neuronal production of CGRP to improve bone-fracture healing in rats. Nature Medicine22: 1160-1169, (2016). Co-first author. IF (2018) = 32.6
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