Programme Requirement

The BSc(Hons) in Biomedical Engineering Programme requires a student to complete at least 121 (for BME stream student) or 124 (for BME with P&O stream student) credits plus 5 Industrial Center training credits and 4 (for BME stream student) or 8 (BME with P&O stream student) Work-Integrated Education training credits.

*For students who do not have Level 2 or above in HKDSE Physics/Combined Science with Physics, 3 additional credits of Introduction to Physics are required.

Programme Stucture

Programme Requirements StructureCredits
General University Requirements (GUR)30
Language and Communication Requirements (LCR)          ( 9 )
Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)          (12)
Other Requirements          ( 9 )
Discipline-Specific Requirements (DSR)91-97
Language Requirements         ( 4 )
Mathematics and Basic Science    (25-28)*
Compulsory Engineering Subjects         (38)
Elective Subjects    (18-21)
Capstone Project         ( 6 )
Industrial Centre (IC) Training5
Work-Integrated Education (WIE) Training4 – 8

Subject List

DSR Language Requirement Subjects

Subject CodeSubject
CLC3241PProfessional Communication in Chinese
ELC3523Scientific Writing for BME Students


DSR Mathematics and Basic Science Subjects

Subject CodeSubject
ABCT1700Introduction to Chemistry
ABCT1741General Chemistry I
ABCT2331Human Biology for Biomedical Engineering I
ABCT2332Human Biology for Biomedical Engineering II
AMA1110Basic Mathematics I – Calculus, Probability, and Statistics
AMA1120Basic Mathematics II – Calculus and Linear Algebra
AMA2511Applied Mathematics I
AMA2512Applied Mathematics II
AP10001Introduction to Physics
AP10005Physics I
AP10006Physics II


DSR Compulsory Engineering Subjects

Subject CodeSubject
BME11108Biomedical Engineering in Society
BME21111Biomedical Engineering Research & Design Studies I
BME21119Fundamentals of Biomechanics
BME21120Fundamentals of Biomedical Instrumentation I
BME31103Applied Electrophysiology
BME31139Biomedical Engineering Research & Design Studies II
BME31114Biomedical Instrumentation and Sensors
BME31116Biosignal Processing
BME31121Fundamentals of Biomedical Instrumentation II
BME31134Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology
BME41141Medical Technology Management and Regulation
ENG2002Computer Programming


DSR Elective Subjects

Subject CodeSubject
BME32140Clinical Engineering
BME32104Below-Knee Prosthetics
BME32105Biomaterials Science and Engineering
BME32115Biosensors: Theories and Biomedical Applications
BME32131Pedorthics, Foot and Ankle-Foot Orthotics
BME32136Upper Limb Orthotics
BME32138Cellular Engineering
BME42101Above-Knee Prosthetics
BME42113Biomedical Imaging
BME42124Knee and Above-Knee Orthotics
BME42135Spinal Orthotics
BME42137Upper Limb Prosthetics


DSR Capstone Project

Subject CodeSubject
BME41118Capstone Project


Industrial Centre (IC) Training

Subject CodeSubject
IC2135Material Processing and Technical Communication


Work-Integrated Education (WIE) Training

Subject CodeSubject
BME31210Biomedical Engineering Industrial Internship
BME31206Biomedical Engineering Clinical Attachment I
BME41207Biomedical Engineering Clinical Attachment II


Servicing Subjects offered to other Departments

Subject CodeSubject
BME11101Bionic Human and the Future of Being Human