Programme Educational Objectives

This growing field requires professionals who understand the health issues that motivate technology developments and apply engineering solutions. Individuals are equipped with a solid foundation in both health sciences and engineering knowledge. Our BSc (Hons) programme in BME prepares students for such a challenging career. They have opportunities to take subjects in both health sciences and engineering, and to integrate their learned knowledge into interdisciplinary applications to improve human health.

  • Graduates will possess a solid foundation in both health/medical sciences and engineering technologies.
  • Graduates will understand the health/medical issues that motivate the technologies and engineering solutions that they offer.
  • Graduates will be able to develop and apply engineering technologies in areas such as clinical engineering, medical instrumentation and sensors, and prosthetics and orthotics for the purposes of health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and rehabilitation so as to improve the community health status
  • Graduates will become leaders in the biomedical engineering professionals who are self-motivated inquirers, critical thinkers, innovative problem solvers, effective communicators, team players, lifelong learners, and ethical practitioners.