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BEEE Subject List

BSE1B04 Creating Sustainable Living Environments
BSE1D02 Light, Man and Environment
BSE1D03 Intelligent Building and Associated Fire Safety
BSE1000 BSE for Better Living
BSE1101 Electrical Fundamentals
BSE1201 Thermofluids
BSE1202 Applied Thermodynamics
BSE1203 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
BSE1571 Architecture and Built Environment
BSE1572 Introduction to Building Ecology
BSE2S01S Science for Healthy and Sustainable Living Environments
BSE2101 Electrical Installations I
BSE2102 Electrical Installations II
BSE2122 Electrical Technology
BSE2123 Power and Machines
BSE2201 Air Conditioning I
BSE2202 Air Conditioning II
BSE2215 Fluid Mechanics
BSE2216 Engineering Thermodynamics
BSE2217 Heat and Mass Transfer
BSE2301 Plumbing and Drainage
BSE2302 Fire Services
BSE2502 Operation and Maintenance
BSE2503 Project and Contract Administration
BSE2504 Building Services Commissioning
BSE2505 Engineering Management and Building Information Modeling
BSE257 Architecture and Buildings
BSE269 BIM Basic and MEP
BSE2701 System Design I
BSE2838/IC238 Construction Drawing and CAD for BSE
BSE2868/IC268 Essential Building Services Practices
Comprehensive Building Services Practices
BSE3S03 Living Environment for Low-income Communities
BSE3123 Power Distribution
BSE318 Lighting Technology
BSE3301 Numerical Methods and Computing
BSE3302 Computer Methods in Building Services Engineering
BSE3312 Piped Services
BSE3321 Fire Services
BSE3511 Sustainable Building Basics
BSE3512 Engineering Management
BSE3513 Engineering Management and Building Information Modeling
BSE3514 Engineering Management and Decision Making in Construction
BSE3701 System Design II
BSE3712 Integrated System Design
BSE3713 Research Methods in Building Services Engineering
BSE3714 Design Project
BSE384 Work-Integrated Education
BSE3859/IC359  Industrial Safety 
BSE417 Electrical Systems
BSE4312 Water System Engineering in Built Environments
BSE4313 Fire Fundamentals
BSE4314 Active Fire Protection Systems Analysis
BSE4315 Fire Science
BSE4316 Law, Regulations and Standards for Fire Safety
BSE4317 Fire Engineering Safety Management
BSE4412 Renewable Energy Applications
BSE4413 Indoor Air Quality Engineering
BSE4415 Building Energy Simulation
BSE4416 Acoustics Engineering
BSE4417 Energy Efficient Buildings and Assessment
BSE449 Environmental Economics and Policy
BSE4510 Building Automation and Control
BSE455 Sustainable Buildings
BSE457 Facility Management and the Workplace
BSE458 Building Performance Diagnosis and Management
BSE463 Design of Mechanical Systems in Buildings
BSE4723 Research Project (2 semesters)
BSE4724 Engineering Experimental Design
BSE4725 Capstone Research Project
BSE511 Lighting Engineering
BSE512 Engineering Intelligent Buildings
BSE515 Electrical Installations In Buildings
BSE516 Building System Performance
BSE521 Air Conditioning Control And Operation
BSE531 Computational Fire Modelling For Building Design
BSE532 Fire Engineering Systems
BSE533 Fire Dynamics
BSE534 Legislation Aspects Of Fire Safety Management
BSE535 Design Considerations For Fire Safety Management
BSE541 Building Acoustics
BSE5410 Noise And Vibration In Sustainable Built Environments
BSE5411 Building Carbon Footprint Assessment
BSE5412 Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment
BSE542 Energy Efficient Buildings
BSE543 Building Environmental Performance
BSE545 Applied Solar Energy In Buildings
BSE547 Indoor Air Quality Engineering
BSE551 Facility Management Professional Practice
BSE5510 Safety Aspects in Construction
BSE5511 Occupational Health and Ergonomics
BSE5512 Economics For Facility Management
BSE5517 Facility Support Services Management
BSE5518 Sustainability And The Built Environment
BSE5520 Legal Aspects Of Facility Managemen
BSE5521 Strategic Facility Planning And Asset Management
BSE5522 Commissioning And Reliability Of Facilities
BSE554 Maintenance Management Of Built Assets
BSE558 Accident Prevention, Hazard Assessment And Control
BSE559 Safety Management Systems And Safety Auditing
BSE562 Technology Integration for Facility Management
BSE573 Facility Management Dissertation
BSE574 Research Methods
BSE575 Dissertation
BSE577 Research Project

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