2018.07.18PolyU—Shenzhen University jointly set up The Greater Bay Area International Institute for Innovation

Professor Timothy W. TONG (left, front row), President of PolyU, and Professor LI Qingquan (right, front row), President of SZU, signed the MoU for the establishment of the International Institute for InnovationShenzhen government officials and guests attend the signing ceremony in support of the establishment of the International Institute for InnovationIndustry leaders and guests from Hong Kong attend the signing ceremony in support of the establishment of the International Institute for Innovation.Founders of four start-ups supported by PolyU and SZU share their experience of starting and sustaining a business.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Shenzhen University (SZU) will jointly set up The Greater Bay Area International Institute for Innovation (GBA I3) with an aim to develop the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau GBA into a world-class innovation hub. Leveraging the resources of both universities, and in collaboration with renowned institutions and enterprises worldwide, the Institute will provide a solid platform for nurturing innovative technology talents, advancing technology and innovation development, and incubating high-tech entrepreneurs. It will offer innovation and technology talents of Hong Kong, Chinese mainland and the world more opportunities for development in GBA and the globe.

Professor Timothy W. TONG, President of PolyU, and Professor LI Qingquan, President of SZU, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of the Institute today (18 July) on PolyU campus. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr Nicholas W. YANG, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, The Government of Hong Kong SAR; Mr ZHANG Zongming, Associate Counsel, Education, Science and Technology Office, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong SAR; Mr SHA Xinhua, Associate Counsel, Shenzhen Science, Technology and Innovation Commission; Mr CHAN Tze-ching, Council Chairman of PolyU; as well as representatives from tertiary education and industry sectors of Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

With excellent achievements in innovation, technology and entrepreneurial development, PolyU and SZU have been collaborating on various innovation and education initiatives for an extended period of time. The set-up of the Institute is meant to further capitalizing the complementary strengths of both universities for advancing innovation and technology and the development of GBA as promulgated by the Central Government.

In the short term upon the establishment of the Institute, PolyU and SZU will open up their resources for mutual use and jointly organise innovation and entrepreneurship exchange activities. These will include sharing of innovation space resources, organizing entrepreneurship training camps and international exploration activities, and opening up the innovation and entrepreneurship programmes of PolyU and SZU for students, alumni and collaboration partners of both universities to participate.

The short term collaboration of the two universities will also include setting up Lean Launchpad Plus (LLP+) programme. Taking reference of the Lean Launchpad Programme operated by PolyU and overseas institutes, LLP+ will focus on the key industries of GBA and Shenzhen, so as to provide tailor-made programme to help techno-entrepreneurs commercialise their research innovations.

In the medium to long terms, PolyU and SZU will use the Institute as a platform to operate joint entrepreneurship education programmes. International exchanges with innovation communities worldwide, in particular those from the three major Bay Areas, will be conducted to capitalize various collaboration opportunities. Through bringing in global talents, post-doctoral researchers and investors, the Institute will help promote the internationalization of GBA.

Furthermore, the Institute plans to set up a Technology Transfer Go-to-Market & Scale-up Platform, by leveraging on Shenzhen's manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive industrial chain, as well as the industrial network and resources of PolyU and SZU. The platform will facilitate commercialisation of technology innovations and digitalization for enterprises with a view to upgrading their operation. Capitalizing on the opportunities rendered by the policies on Hong Kong-Shenzhen education and innovation collaboration for the Lok Ma Chau Loop development, the two universities, with the support of the Institute, will help further develop Hong Kong-Shenzhen integration for building the region into a world leading innovation hub.

Mr CHAN Tze-ching , Council Chairman of PolyU

Professor Timothy W. TONG, President of PolyU

Professor LI Qingquan, President of SZU

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