A. Campus Sustainability Policies

PolyU has long been committed to fostering campus sustainability. The University works to integrate and implement the highest possible degree of sustainability at all levels and all aspects of the University’s daily operations, campus development, education and programme design, research, as well as promote sustainability through engagement and knowledge transfer to the community. To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, the University has the following campus sustainability policies and related practices that provide a sound framework and clear governance for the University’s sustainability development:


In relation to sustainability-conscious food consumption:

Students should adopt all applicable undertakings of these policies to ensure sustainability is embedded in the University’s operational activities across all our campuses.

Students have a responsibility to follow these guidelines in their study environment, activities and across the University as a whole where they exist.

Please refer to the PolyU Green Concepts website at http://www.polyu.edu.hk/ greencampus/en/about-us/policies.html for details of PolyU’s campus sustainability policies and guidelines.

B. Green Promotion and Campus Activities

Students should adopt green practices in organizing as well as promoting their events and activities.

*PolyU has stopped the sale of plastic bottled water (non-sparkling, unflavoured drinking water in any single-serving plastic bottle of less than 1 liter) since September 2017.

Please refer to the PolyU Green Concepts website at http://www.polyu.edu.hk/greencampus/en/about-us/policies.html for details of the Guideline for Green Promotion and Campus Activities.

C. Building a DREAM CAMPUS together

PolyU upholds strict adherence to sustainability principles across campus developments and daily operations.  It has also been actively reaching out to the PolyU community to raise awareness of sustainability and promoting a green culture. It spares no effort in engaging and motivating the PolyU community to help to develop our campus into a sustainable DREAM CAMPUS in the aspects of:

Dining – Campus dining is continually increasing its sustainable practices and opportunities have been identified to promote green dining habits on a larger scale and to decrease food waste generation. You should strive to:

Resources – The University endeavors to integrate resource consciousness into its routine operations and activities and to adopt practices with a strong waste prevention focus. You are encouraged to:

Energy – PolyU supports energy conservation at the highest levels and ongoing campus-wide activities are held to promote energy awareness among students. You should:

Awareness – The University has been running activities and campaigns to expand awareness on sustainability throughout the campus staff and student population. You should support to:

More Walking – PolyU devotes to building an ‘easy-to-walk’ campus, allowing the entire university community to reduce unnecessary use of energy when going to their destinations. You should strive to:

Students should strive to be good stewards and advocate sustainability by implementing various sustainability initiatives within the campus environment.

Please refer to the PolyU Green Concepts website at http://www.polyu.edu.hk/greencampus/dream for more details.

D. More Online Resources