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Academic Gowns

 Please click hereBLACK_17for details of the set of academic gowns for individual awards. 

Award Type  

Doctoral Degree  Y Y
Master's Degree  Y Y  Y
Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate Y Y
Bachelor's Degree Y Y Y
Sub-degree Y    


How to Put on Your Gown

For Doctoral Degrees

a. A light colour shirt will match nicely with your gown.

b. Put the hood over the gown, rest it on your shoulders, and secure it by putting the string loop at the tip of the hood around a button of your shirt.

c. Ensure the hood is in a V-shape and slightly opens at the back.

d. You should wear the bonnet with the tassel on the left.


For Bachelor's Degrees / Master's Degrees / Postgraduate Awards (PgD/PgC)

a. A light colour shirt will match nicely with your gown.

b. Put the hood over the gown, rest it on your shoulders, and secure it by putting the string loop at the tip of the hood around a button of your shirt.

c. For graduates of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, the peak of the mortarboard should be pointing at the centre of your forehead with the tassel on the left.



(Special arrangements will be made for graduates of outpost programmes. Graduates will be separately advised of the details.)

Graduates attending the Congregation are required to wear the academic gowns specific to their particular awards.  To ensure that graduates use the correct sets of gowns, academic gowns are available for hiring from the vendor of the University.

Graduates are required to arrange for their gown collection before the Congregation, if gown hiring requests have been made.  Gowns will not be provided onsite at the PolyU campus during the Congregation sessions.

If you require gown rental services, please complete the online gown reservation procedures at the website of the vendor, i.e. Victoria Uniform at  Instructions provided by the vendor should be followed.


Details of the Vendor

Company Name:   Victoria Uniform 
 Phone No.:  (852) 3118 4396 or (852) 3105 5009


Gown Hiring Procedures

  1. Complete the online gown reservation procedures at the website of Victoria Uniform (
  2. You need to input a specific code when performing online gown rental.  The code can be found in the Appendix of the email inviting you to attend the Congregation.
  3. Print the ‘Gown Information Sheet’ (with information on the colour of gown, colour of hood, if applicable, and types of cap, if applicable, and the photo image of the gown specific to your award) from the online registration system for Congregation attendance at eStudent.
  4. At the end of the gown booking procedures, print out the gown rental form in dual copies (one form to be kept by yourself and the other to be kept by the vendor for record).
  5. Collect the gown at the chosen outlet of Victoria Uniform on the collection date as indicated by you on the online booking system by following the procedures below:
  • Present the gown rental form in dual copies.
  • Present the ‘Gown Information Sheet’ (electronic version is also acceptable in case you do not have the printout) to Victoria Uniform to ensure that you collect the correct set of gown.
  • Perform fitting and checking of the gown.
  • Sign the gown rental forms, pay the hiring fee and deposit in CASH (in HK Dollars) only.

6. You can also choose to have the gown delivered to you by courier service via the following options:

  • To have the gown delivered to your local business, residential or industrial area; or
  • To pick up the gown at designated redemption centres or lockers.

For graduates staying overseas who would like to use courier delivery service, please make reservation with the Gown Hiring vendor via email at


Payment is required to be made (including the courier service fee, gown hiring fee and the deposit) prior to the delivery.  For details, please refer to the website of Victoria Uniform.


Schedule of Online Booking & Hiring Period of Gowns

Please note the following schedule for academic gown booking and hiring:

 Online Booking Period: 27 September to 29 November 2021 
 Gown Collection Period: 4 October to 30 November 2021
 Gown Hiring Period: 35 calendar days, counting from the date of gown of collection


Gown Return Procedures

  1. Return the gown to the same outlet from where the gown is collected / the outlet selected in the online gown reservation for courier delivery.
  2. Present the graduate’s copy of the gown rental form.
  3. Deposit will be refunded in cash if all items returned are in good conditions.
  4. A fine will be deducted from the deposit if any item is found damaged. Extension fee, if any, will also be deducted from the deposit.


Payment Arrangement

  1. Pay the hiring fee and deposit in CASH in Hong Kong Dollars.  All other methods of payment (e.g. by credit card or cheque) and currencies other than Hong Kong dollars will not be accepted.
  2. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the gown and related items, after deduction of fines for damages or extension fees, if any, in cash in Hong Kong Dollars only on the spot when you return the gowns to the vendor.  Collection and refund of deposit will be subject to the policy of the vendor and be dealt directly between the vendor and the graduates.  The amount of deposit is the same as the gown purchase price, which will vary depending on the level of awards.


Fee (HK$)


Rental fee/set
(for 35 days)
Extension fee/set
(for 7 days)
(same for purchase price)
Price for each item
1. Sub-degree 110 110  350 350 (Gown)
2. Bachelor's Degree / Master's Degree 170 170  700 

300 (Gown)

200 (Hood)

200 (Mortarboard)

3. Postgraduate Diploma / Certificate 170 170 500

300 (Gown)

200 (Hood)

4. Doctoral Degree 310  310 1,700

1,100 (Gown)

350 (Hood)

250 (Bonnet)



1.  Extension fee, if any, will be deducted from the deposit.

2.  For the extension fee, if the extension period is less than 7 days, it will be counted as a 7-day charge, and the maximum extension fee will be limited to the amount of the deposit.

3.  The first hiring period is on a 35-day basis, counting from the date of gown collection.

4.  The gowns are also available for purchase at the outlets of the vendor.  Gown collection and return should be done at the same outlet.


Outlets Providing Gown Hiring Services for PolyU Graduates

  1. A list of the outlets of the vendor opened for gown hiring services for PolyU graduates is given at Appendix 1.
  2. You are strictly required to collect the gowns at the outlet you have selected.  The vendor will NOT rent the gowns to you if you go to outlets which are not previously indicated by you.
  3. PhD / Professional doctoral degree graduates are strongly advised to go to 3 designated outlets of Victoria Uniform (namely Sheung Wan, Kowloon City and Shatin), since staff of Victoria Uniform at these 3 outlets are better trained to assist the gown hiring procedures for graduates at PhD / doctoral levels.
  4. Longer queuing time for gown hiring will normally be required if you go on weekday evenings.  You are strongly advised to go to the outlets of Victoria Uniform on Sundays.



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