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Romantic Relationships in Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Role of Dialectical Relationship Thinking

Prof. CHEN Xiaohua, Sylvia

Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Caregivers of Frail Older Chinese Adults: Testing a Model of Intergenerational Caregiving

Dr LO Hay Ming, Herman

Legitimacy of Social Enterprises and Customer Patronization


Deconstructing and reconstructing, or dwelling with and alongside, “normalcy”/“abnormalcy”, “ability”/“disability”: Making dialogue about “difference” in and between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom


The effect of family hierarchy on family polyvictimization in Chinese culture

Prof. CHAN Ko Ling, Edward

Should Adolescents Help? – Impacts of Adolescent Filial Responsibilities on Maternal Wellbeing and Adolescent Psychosocial Competence among Poor Single-Mother Families

Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee, Janet

A longitudinal follow-up study on the association between intimate partner violence against women and child telomere length shortening from birth to early childhood

Prof. CHAN Ko Ling, Edward

Representation, Fairness, and Participation in Hong Kong’s Elections: Assessing Public Perceptions Using a Mixed-Mode Design

Dr WONG Hok Wui, Stan

Individual Efforts or Intergenerational Responses? A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study of Future Care Planning among Hong Kong Ageing Families

Dr BAI Xue

Resident to Resident Aggression in Residential Care Homes in Hong Kong: The Interrelationship among Resident Characteristics, Caregiving Context and the Physical Environment

Dr YAN Chau Wai, Elsie

Industrial Trainees from China and Vietnam in Japan: An Entry Point into the Key Issues of International Labour Migration and Skill Transfer

Dr SIU Yu Kwan, Kaxton

Chinese Dynamics in African Agriculture: Toward a New Green Revolution?

Dr YAN Hai Rong

Against the Odds: Developing a Core Competence Framework of Social Work Practice for the Field of Disaster Management in China

Dr SIM Boon Wee, Timothy

Brief mindfulness-based family psychoeducation intervention for Chinese students with early psychosis: A mixed methods study

Dr LO Hay Ming, Herman

Collectives and Cooperatives in Rural China: Agrarian Change and Community Economy in Guangdong Province

Dr KAN Ching Yeung, Karita

Women’s sexual behaviors and mate preferences throughout the ovulatory cycle as functions of life history strategies

Dr LU Huijing

Investigation of the decreasing blood donors in Hong Kong: A qualitative study on the perceptions and values of blood donation to Hong Kong people.

Dr SIU Yuen Man, Judy

Social Networking Addiction among Hong Kong Adolescents: Protective Effects of Positive Youth Development Attributes and Parenting Behaviours

Dr YU Lu

The Tendency of Closed-mindedness in Different Web-based Project Learning Designs in Civic Education – Argumentative Writing, Propaganda Production, and Scoping Review

Dr CHAN Chi Tat, Larry

Gendering the New Generation of Chinese Workers in Vocational Schools

Dr KOO Ching Hua, Anita

Perceived Overparenting and Developmental Outcomes in Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong – A Longitudinal Study

Dr LEUNG Tsin Yee, Janet

Preventing Elder Mistreatment – Resilience and Risk Patterns of Family Caregivers

Dr YAN Chau Wai, Elsie

Connecting Through Caregiving: Reappraising Intergeneration Relationships

Dr AU May Lan, Alma

The Mechanisms of Performance in Social Enterprises


Left-Behind Children in Rural China: Early Environment and Life History Strategies

Dr LU Huijing