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wong hok wui stan dr

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Electoral politics
Political economy
Research methodology
Chinese politics


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Introduction to Politics

Government and Public Administration

Policy Research Method

Social Policy and Social Development in China


Research Interests:
Electoral politics

Political economy

Research methodology

Chinese politics


Selected Publications:
Stan Hok-Wui Wong. Forthcoming. "Gerrymandering in Electoral Autocracies: Evidence from Hong Kong," British Journal of Political Science. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0007123416000685

Stan Hok-Wui Wong and Yu Zeng. Forthcoming. "Do inferences of competence from faces predict political selection in authoritarian regimes? Evidence from China," Social Science Research. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ssresearch.2016.11.002

Stan Hok-Wui Wong, Ngok Ma, and Wai-man Lam. 2016. "Migrants and Democratization: the Political Economy of Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong," Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal, v. 2, no. 2

Stan Hok-Wui Wong. 2015. Electoral Politics in Post-1997 Hong Kong: Protest, Patronage, and the Media. Springer.

Stan Hok-Wui Wong and Nicole Wu. 2016. "Can Beijing Buy Taiwan? An Empirical Assessment of Beijing’s Agricultural Trade Concessions to Taiwan," Journal of Contemporary China, v. 25, no. 99.

Stan Hok-Wui Wong and Minggang Peng. 2015. “Petition and Repression in China’s Authoritarian Regime: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” Journal of East Asian Studies, v. 15. no. 1.

Stan Hok-Wui Wong. 2015. “Real Estate Elite, Economic Development, and Political Conflicts in Post-Colonial Hong Kong.” China Review, v. 15. no. 1

Stan Hok-Wui Wong. 2014. “Resource Disparity and Multi-level Elections in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Hong Kong.” Electoral Politics, v. 33.

Stan Hok-Wui Wong. 2012. “Authoritarian Co-optation in the Age of Globalization: Evidence from Hong Kong.” Journal of Contemporary Asia, v. 42, no. 2

Stan Hok-Wui Wong. 2010. “Political Connections and Firm Performance: the Case of Hong Kong.” Journal of East Asian Studies, v. 10. no. 2


Current Research Projects:
1. Social Cleavages, Civic Engagement, and Election Outcomes in Hong Kong: A New Instrument to Measure Public Opinion (PI, General Research Fund 2015 – 2016)

2. Political Movements and Democratic Values in Hong Kong: The Asian Barometer Survey Wave IV (Co-I, General Research Fund 2015 – 2016)


Professional & Community Service:
American Political Science Association