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Social Theory, China and Global Social Development

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Assistant Professor

PhD (Lausanne)
MA (Geneva)
BA (PolyU)



2766 5750


International migration and development
Globalization of Chinese entreprises and entrepreneurs
China-Global South (Africa and Southeast Asia)
Chinese new mobility studies



Economics and social problems
Social policy analysis and social accountability
Social planning and policy making process


Selected Publications:
Lam, Katy N. (forthcoming 2016). Chinese State-Owned Entreprises in West Africa: A Triple-Embedded Globalization. Routledge.

Lam, Katy N. (2015). “La mobilité sociale des migrants chinois au Ghana: «The making of Chinese entrepreneurs») in Entrepreneurs Africains et Chinois: Les impacts sociaux d’une rencontre particulière, edited by K. Giese et L. Marfaing. Karthala, Paris.

Lam, Katy N. (2015). “Chinese migration adaptations: African agency and social capital creation in Ghana”, Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 44, 1, 9-41.

Kernen, Antoine and Katy N. Lam (2015). “Workforce localization among Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Ghana”, in China In Africa: Strategic Motives and Economic Interests, edited by S. Zhao. Routledge.

Lam, Katy N. (2014). “L’inévitable localisation: les entreprises publiques chinoises (EPC) de construction au Ghana”, Politique Africaine, June 2014.

Kernen, Antoine and Katy N. Lam. (2014). “Workforce localization among Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Ghana”. Journal of Contemporary China, 23:90, Sep 2014.


Current Research Projects :
Chinese in the Global South: Understanding Mobility(ies) in the Contemporary South-to-South Globalization (financially supported by Max Weber Foundation, Germany)