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Family, Child, Youth, and Ageing Studies Psychology, Mental Health, and HealthSocial Policy, Social Welfare, and Community Development


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Positive youth development

Mental health and addiction

Leadership and intrapersonal development

Psychometrics and quantitative methods


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Tomorrow’s Leaders

Promotion of Children and Adolescent Development

Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Quantitative Research Methods in Social Work Research


Research Interests:

Children and adolescent development

Positive psychology

Mental health and behavioral addiction

General education and service learning

Assessment and evaluation


Selected Publications:

Yu, L., & Ma, C. M. S. (Accepted). Youth gambling in Hong Kong: Prevalence, psychosocial correlates and prevention. Journal of Adolescent Health. [Impact factor = 4.098]


Yu, L., Shek, D. T. L., & Zhu, X. (2018). General education learning outcomes and demographic correlates in University students in Hong Kong. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 1-18. Retrieved from [Impact factor = 1.025]


Yu, L., & Zhu, X. (2018). Effectiveness of SCERTS model-based intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Hong Kong: A pilot study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 1-14. Retrieved from [Impact factor = 3.476]


Yu, L., Shek, D. T. L., & Zhu, X. (2018). The influence of personal well-being on learning achievement in university students over time: Mediating or moderating effects of internal and external university engagement. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 2287-2302. [Impact factor = 2.089]


Leung, H., Shek, D. T. L., Yu, L., Wu, F. K. Y., Law, M. Y. M., Chan, E. M. L., & Lo, C. K. M. (2018). Evaluation of “Colorful Life”: A multi-addiction expressive arts intervention program for adolescents of addicted parents and parents with Addiction. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 1-14. Retrieved from [Impact factor = 1.192]


Yu, L., & Shek, D. T. L. (2018). Testing longitudinal relationships between Internet addiction and well-being in Hong Kong adolescents: Cross-lagged analyses based on three waves of data. Child Indicators Research, 11, 1545-1562. [Impact factor = 1.858]


Shek, D. T. L., Yu, L., Wu, F. K. Y., Zhu, X., & Chan, K. H. (2017). A 4-year longitudinal study of well-being of Chinese university students in Hong Kong. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 12(4), 867-884. [Impact factor = 1.025]


Yu, L., Shek, D. T. L., Chak, Y. L. Y., Wu, F. K. Y., & Ngai, J. (2017). The role of emotional competence in the relationship between Internet addiction and psychological adjustment among Hong Kong adolescents: A cross-sectional study. Journal of Behavioral Addictions. 6(S1), 61.


Shek, D. T. L., Yu, L., Wu, F. K. Y., & Zhu, X. (2017). Implementation of the General University Requirements in a university in Hong Kong: Experience based on the third year. International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health, 10(2), 245-253.


Yu, L. (2016). A teacher’s reflection on teaching “Tomorrow’s Leaders” in university students in Hong Kong. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 15(2), 195-202.


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Shek, D. T. L., & Yu, L. (2015). Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Psychoeducational Profile-3rd Edition-Caregiver Report. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, 40(4), 1-10. [Impact factor = 1.176]


Shek, D. T. L., & Yu, L. (2014). Factorial validity of a subjective outcome evaluation tool for implementers of a positive youth development program. Journal of Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology, 27, S32-S42. [Impact factor = 1.752]


Shek, D. T. L., & Yu, L. (2014). Construct validity of the Chinese version of the Psycho-Educational Profile-3rd Edition (CPEP-3). Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 44(11), 2832-2843. [Impact factor = 3.476]


Shek, D. T. L., Yu, L., Wu, F. K. Y., & Chai, W. Y. (2015). General University Requirements at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Evaluation findings based on student focus groups. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 40(8), 1017-1031. [Impact factor = 1.075]


Yu, L., & Shek, D. T. L. (2013). Internet addiction in Hong Kong adolescents: a three-year longitudinal study. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 26, S10-S17. [Impact factor = 1.752]


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Yu, L., & Xie, D. (2010). Multidimensional gender identity and psychological adjustment in middle childhood: A study in China. Sex Roles, 62, 100-113. [Impact factor = 2.024]


Yu, L., Winter, S. J., & Xie, D. (2010). The child play behavior and activity questionnaire: a parent-report measure of childhood gender-related behavior in China. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 39, 807-815. [Impact factor = 3.223]


Yu, L., & Xie, D. (2008). The relationship between desirable and undesirable gender role traits, and their implications for psychological Well-being in Chinese Culture. Personality and Individual Differences, 44, 1517-1527. [Impact factor = 1.967]


Current Research Projects:

  1. Social networking addiction among Hong Kong adolescents: Protective effects of positive youth development attributes and parenting behaviours. General Research Fund, Research Grant Council, Hong Kong, 2019-2020, HK$ 433,798 (PI: Lu Yu; Co-Is: Ina H. M. Koning & Daniel Shek)
  1. Impact of short-term study in Mainland China programme on Hong Kong local university students’ intercultural competence, perception and attitude about Mainland China, and national identity. Public Policy Research Fund, Research Grant Council, Hong Kong, 2018-2020, HK$ 594,435 (PI: Lu Yu; Co-Is: Ye Shengquan, Gu Mingyue, & Daniel Shek)
  1. Character strengths and personal well-being in Chinese youth. Departmental General Research Grant, Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU, 2017-2018, HK$ 190,000 (PI: Lu Yu; Co-Is: Chen Chen & Qin Xie)
  1. Development and validation of measures based on the service leadership model. Funded by Victor and William Fung Foundation, Hong Kong, 2015-2018, HK$5,300,000 (PI: Daniel Shek; Co-PIs: Rachel Sun, Lu Yu, Cecilia Ma, Hildie Leung, & Jocelyn Lin; Co-Is: Yee Man Law, Joe Liang, & Hung Kit Fok)
  1. Moral Education and Moral Behavior in High School Students in Hong Kong. Funded by Wofoo Foundation Limited, Hong Kong, 2016-2019, HK$1,000,000 (Rep. Co-PI: Daniel Shek; Co-PIs: Andrew Man Hong Siu, Man Sze Ma, Lu Yu, Hildie Leung, Li Lin, & Janet Tsin Yee Leung, Co-Is: Tak Yan Lee, Rachel Chui Fun Sun, & Yee Man Law)
  1. Further study on the long term development of Child Development Fund project participants. Child Development Fund, Labour and Welfare Bureau, HKSAR, 2017-2018, HK$1,058,000 (PI: Ko Ling Chan; Co-Is: Man Kin Lai, Lu Yu, Shimin Zhu, Elsie Chau Wai Yan, Patrick Pak Keung Ip, Ruby Lo, & Hak Kwong Yip)


Professional & Community Service:

Member of Editorial Board, Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development, Volume VII: History, Theory, & Culture, Wiley Blackwell

Member of R & D Committee, Heep Hong Society, Hong Kong

Advisor, Wofoo Leaders’ Network for university students, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University