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Dr. Li Chi-mei, Jessica


Assistant Directors:

Ms CHUNG Lai Pong, Joanna

Dr YAM Kong



Dr. CHAN Chitat

Dr. Ku Hok-bun, Ben

Dr. LO Hay-ming, Herman

Dr. NGAI So-wa


Professional Practice and Assessment Centre

History and development

The Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) has a long history of encouraging academic staff members to be committed to direct social work practice and counselling practice. The practice centre was first established in 1991 and has provided consultations and direct practice support to numerous social service agencies since then. The practice centre is renamed as “Professional Practice and Assessment Centre (PPAC)” and has been actively seeking partnerships with public and social service organizations since 2004. Over the years, PPAC has endeavored to consolidate and promote practice knowledge of various intervention approaches, such as Solution-focused Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Systemic/Collaborative Family Therapy, Emotionally-focused Therapy, and Mindfulness through research, training and consultancy work.


Mission statement

PPAC is devoted to actualizing our departmental mission of “advancing knowledge and professional practices, promoting social justice and community betterment, and preparing leaders in human services delivery.”


Expected Social Impact

PPAC serves as a research and practice nexus for human service professionals locally and globally.



  1. To support faculty staff members in the direct practice of social work and other helping professions;
  2. To strengthen the theory-practice link and indigenization of practice-oriented knowledge, which enhances teaching and learning;
  3. To network local helping professionals and provide support and resources to them;
  4. To facilitate practice-oriented knowledge building and transfer through practice, research, and publication.



  1. Counseling Net (please click for registration)
  2. Collaborative practice research
  3. Publication on professional practice related topics
  4. Casework and group work with individuals and families
  5. Professional consultation on social service providers and helping professionals;
  6. Specialized training to social workers, human service professionals, and groups with special needs.




應用社會科學系(APSS)長期以來一直鼓勵教職員致力参與及推廣社會工作專業及輔導工作的實踐,並於1991年成立實踐中心。自那時起,中心一直為眾多社會服務機構提供諮詢和支援社會工作專業的直接服務。於2004年,中心改名為「專業實踐及評估中心」 (PPAC),積極與公共及社會服務機構建立夥伴關係。多年來PPAC透過研究、培訓和諮詢工作,致力鞏固和推廣各種服務實踐模式,例如尋解導向治療、敘事治療、系統/協作家庭治療、情緒取向治療和正念治療。








  1. 協助教職員参與及推廣社會工作,輔導及其他助人專業工作;
  2. 加強理論與實踐的連繫、推動本土化的實踐知識,優化教與學;
  3. 連繫本地助人專業人員,為他們提供協助及資源。
  4. 透過研究和出版,推動以實踐為導向的知識創建和轉化。



  1. 輔導網絡;( 報名請按 )
  2. 協作式實踐研究;
  3. 出版與專業實踐相關刊物;
  4. 個人和家庭的個案工作和小組工作;
  5. 為社會服務和助人專業成員提供專業諮詢;
  6. 為社會工作者,人本服務專業人員及其相關團體進行專項培訓;


Visit by Prof. Reamer

Visit by Prof. Reamer


Seminar by Prof. Reamer

Seminar by Prof. Reamer


visit by NGOs from Shanghai

Training workshop to social workers form Shanghai


training workshop to social workers from Shanghai

Visit by NGOs from Shanghai


Webinar on in the midst of lockdown

Webinar on “in the midset of lockdowns”