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For JUPAS Applicants



MODE OF STUDY : Full-time


NORMAL CREDITS REQUIRED FOR AWARD  : 112 (plus 9 clinical/field credits)

FUND TYPE : UGC-funded

PROGRAMME LEADER : Dr Tam Kin Yuen, Raymond



The overall aims of this programme are twofold. Firstly, the programme will educate students to become effective, efficient and caring social policy practitioners who are responsible for analyzing, formulating and implementing social policies for the improvement of social well-being. Secondly, the programme will educate students who are determined to become competent, innovative and ethical social entrepreneurs to turn social problems into opportunities. Students are also expected to develop informational literacy, critical thinking, problem solving skills and to uphold core social values. The programme will also facilitate students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong learning.

Students are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skills in social policy analysis and social enterprise operation. Students are also expected to develop social empathy, moral sensibility, critical capacity, and sustained interest in understanding the major issues and challenges faced by social policy practitioners and social entrepreneurs.



This programme is designed to integrate theory and practice. The curriculum is heavily geared towards meeting the growing demands for trained professionals and practitioners in the fields of social policy and social enterprise. Students are expected to be equipped not only with the theoretical knowledge necessary for but also real-life exposure to working in a wide range of organizations dealing with labour and welfare issues, health care and housing needs, advocacy, cultural and environmental protection through specially designed professional attachments. They will learn to balance and resolve competing values involving bureaucratic versus human concerns and private profit-making versus public good and well-being.

In addition, overseas placement opportunities, overseas exchange and study tours are available for students with high achievements.



Once students have successfully completed the programme, they will be eligible to apply for admission to the Master programmes.

Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development, Master of Social Work and Master of Philosophy programs.



HKDSE applicants via JUPAS must satisfy the University’s general entrance requirements with:

  • Level 3 in English Language, Chinese Language and two elective subjects; and
  • Level 2 in Mathematics and Liberal Studies

Only Band A and Band B applicants will be considered for admission.



There is increasing demand for professional personnel with strong backgrounds in policy and social enterprise. Graduates can occupy mid-level administrative and managerial posts in various public, quasi-public and non-government organizations, including think-tanks, NGOs, government departments, social enterprises and other human service organizations. They are also prepared for posts in human resources management, marketing and decision support.



The programme is divided into two streams:

  • Social policy, and
  • Social entrepreneurship and

Students can choose to specialise in either stream for intensive learning or to study subjects in both streams. The stream of social policy focuses on areas such as housing, welfare, civil society governance, labour, environment, social diversity and social research to strengthen students’ understanding of specific policy concerns and issues. The stream of social entrepreneurship and administration focuses on areas such as social entrepreneurship, creating innovative ideas, social capital development, corporate social responsibility, programme planning and evaluation, marketing, and financial management to enhance students’ skills and ability in performing social entrepreneurship.

The details of the Programme can be DOWNLOADED here.



Please contact Ms Shirley YEUNG at 2766 5746 or e-mail to Ms Winnie FUNG at for enquiry of this programme.

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