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Mode Of Study


Normal Duration
1.5 years (Full-time)*
3 years (Part-time)*


Credits Required For Award
MA (30); PgD (21)


Programme Leader
Dr. LAM YEUNG Kit Sum, Syrine

* Students who undertake more subjects per semester, may complete this programme in 1 year (Full-time) or 2 years (Part-time).






The programme aims to develop students’ competence and resilience as reflective practitioners in guidance & counselling. Students will learn to proactively respond to the challenges and changes posed by society as professionals. Students will be facilitated to integrate theories and practice, to generate new theoretical and practice insights for the continual improvement of professional practice, and to evolve their own personalized approach to practice.



Students with Diverse Backgrounds
The programme has attracted students with a broad range of backgrounds including teachers, social workers, student counsellors, medical and health care professionals, and human resources management personnel. The programme contents are considered relevant and helpful in addressing the needs and problems in their workplace.

Flexible Learning Path
Students will be allowed the flexibility to choose their own individualised learning paths according to their pace and interests. The majority of subjects will be taught in the weekday evenings or weekends. Some of the subjects would be offered during summer term. Students enrolled in the full-time or part-time mode of study, if taking the intensive study path, may complete this programme in 1 year (3 semesters) or 2 years (6 semesters) respectively. The maximum duration for study is 6 years.

Integrating Theory and Practice
During the course of study, students will be equipped with the knowledge to make integrative linkages between classroom learning and direct field practice. At the final phase of the programme, each of the students will choose to pursue either the Practicum Option or the Research Option, aiming to advance students’ critical reflection on their current practice and the development of personalised approaches to professional practice.

Counselling Practicum

  • Is housed in the Professional Practice and Assessment Centre (the Centre) in our University and cases are recruited through the Counselling Net affiliated with the Centre
  • Provides intensive training on establishing professional helping relationship with clients through offering individual and case counselling
  • Provides learning opportunities to apply appropriate and effective intervention methods in working with individuals or families
  • Recruits wide-ranged clientele including students and parents from primary and secondary schools, university students, couples, and working adults
  • Provides “on-site, real-time” supervision during the 25-week practicum by our full-time teaching staff, counselling psychologists, clinical psychologists and experienced counsellors from different professional sectors. 



  1. A recognised Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent;
  2. Preference will be given to applicants who are teachers, social workers, counsellors or human resources management personnel and who are involved in guidance work or working in relevant areas.



This programme has been fully accredited by the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA). Graduates are eligible to apply for their membership.

Graduates of the Practicum option will fulfill 50 supervised practice hours recognized by HKPCA as its partial requirement for Certified Counsellor.



To be eligible for this award, students must complete 5 Required Core Subjects, 3 Elective Subjects, and pursue either the Practicum Option or the Research Option.

Students who have successfully completed 21 credits including 5 Required Core Subjects and 2 Elective Subjects can exit the programme with a Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling.

Subjects on offer may be drawn from the following subject list. Students will receive a precise list of subjects upon the commencement of each academic year.


List of Subjects *

Required Core Subjects (15 credits)

  • Advanced Human Behaviour and Social Environment
  • Individual & Group Counselling Skills Workshop
  • Social Context & Ethics
  • Social Policy Analysis & Social Accountability
  • Theories & Models of Counselling

and then EITHER

Practicum Option (6 credits)

  • Counselling Practicum


Research Option (6 credits)

  • Integrative Project
  • Practice Research

Elective Subjects (any 3 subjects - 9 credits)

  • Assessment and Instructional Strategies for Children and Youth with Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Brief Therapy
  • Career Counselling: Theories and Practice
  • Cognitive Behavioural Intervention
  • Counselling Assessment and Measurement
  • Delinquency and Family
  • Evolution in Family Therapy: Structural and Systemic Approaches
  • Family Violence
  • Guidance and Counselling for Students with Special Needs
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Psychopathology: Holistic and Humanistic Orientations
  • Practice Research
  • Workplace Counselling

* The subjects offered may be altered at the discretion of the Department.



Prospective applicants can obtain the application material and submit online applications via Study@PolyU during the Application Period. 


Application Period  > Postgraduate Programmes > Select a Programme 

Late applications will be considered subject to availability of places.


Submit an Application



Please contact Ms Phoebe CHAN at 2766 5761 or e-mail to Ms. Angel SHING at for enquiry.