Programme Aims

Hong Kong's gradual integration into the People's Republic of China suggests that students should endeavour to gain a better understanding of the social, economic, cultural, and political context in the changing Chinese societies. For the students' personal and professional engagement with society as responsible citizens of or residents in the Hong Kong S.A.R. such knowledge will become increasingly essential. A wide range of subjects will be offered to students, focussing on the extraordinary changes in Chinese societies since 1978, while providing a solid foundation of knowledge about China's long history and rich traditions.


Intended Learning Outcomes

On graduation, a student with a Minor degree in Changing Chinese Societies should have the ability to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the People's Republic of China, its history, culture, society, and its place in the world, with an emphasis on the post-1978 era;
  • employ interdisciplinary approaches to understand developments in Chinese societies;
  • critically engage with academic and non-academic writings on China;
  • present and defend his/her opinion about China-related topics.


Who are eligible to take the Minor in Changing Chinese Societies?

Students enrolling on full-time 4-year undergraduate degree programmes can apply for the Minor  programme by submitting their applications to and obtaining approval from the Minor-offering Department starting from their second year of study. To be eligible for enrollment on a Minor, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above at the time of application for Minor enrollment.

Students who are not enrolled in such programme may take any subjects from the Minor programme as their additional subjects.





Award Requirements

Students can obtain a Minor degree in Changing Chinese Societies after completion of 18 credits including TWO COMPULSORY SUBJECTS (i.e. APSS292 Chinese Politics and APSS293 Chinese Culture and Civilisation) and FOUR ELECTIVE SUBJECTS with at least 50% of subjects at level 3 or above.


List of Subjects

To choose a subject of the Minor programme, students should register through eStudent during the subject registration and/or add/drop periods as announced by the Academic Secretariat.

The list of subjects and their offering pattern can be DOWDLOADED here.



For academic enquiry
Dr Hairong YAN
3400 3019



For administrative enquiry
Ms Winnie WONG
2766 5720