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Exchange Year (2016-17)

Chau-kwan CHEUNG

Linkoping University, Sweden

As the old saying goes “Good things are worth waiting for”, sometimes you need to be patient to wait and work hard to let good things happen. For me, going for exchange is my dream since I was still a secondary school student, and finally, I have accomplished it.

Sweden is the place I chose. It is a peaceful and board place. People keep on their smiling face when they talk, and you can see grassland nearly everywhere. Some people think there is the “Earthly paradise”, as all the things, e.g. welfare, environment, wage, people, etc. are good. Bicycle is one of their main transportations. Riding across grassland and forest, then you can get into the town to buy groceries, hang out, or dine out (they say ‘fika’) with friends.

Swedish is reserved (but more expressive than Asian), nice and polite. They take account in the privacy, but willing to help most of the time. As the government promotes the positive culture, people are open-minded, willing to listen, adapt ideas, and share. They concern “heart” so much so I found true friends there, and I feel happy to be with them.

In addition, I had many new tries there; for example, having discussion, playing drama, dancing, going to party and travelling with international students. I also travelled a lot and met people around the world.