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Exchange Year (2016-17)


University of California, Berkeley, USA

The Summer Placement with the PolyU School of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) was a life changing, practical, cultural, and communal learning experience. At Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services (BOKSS), I was immersed in observing and supporting local social workers facilitate psycho-educational groups, case counseling, service recipient community outings, therapeutic interest workshops (e.g. craft-making, music lessons, badminton), social entrepreneurial hot-meal services, and evidence-based mental health programs. I built precious connections with service recipients, listened to insightful service provider perspectives, had hands-on practice with completing agency documentation, observed the dynamics of their organizational management, and formed invaluable professional relationships with the staff. Additionally, I developed friendships with inspiring local PolyU MSW students, as we explored Hong Kong sights and shared about our motivations, ideas about social work theory and practice, and life. From the start to the finish, the APSS staff provided us with comprehensive administrative support, honored us to individually meet with and hear from their distinguished faculty, and connected us with an abundance of learning opportunities. Thank you PolyU, APSS, BOKSS, Faculty, and fellow MSW students!


oh jae wook

Exchange Year (2012-13)
Jaewook OH
Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea

Hi, I am Jaewook. I was on exchange at APSS last semester and I loved the 2 classes took at APSS on ‘Human Behavior and Social Environment’ and ‘Chinese street culture” Back in my home university, I am a very silent student. But at APSS, classmates and professors welcomed my opinion all the time. I was so encouraged to express my idea. Apart from the class, I am also grateful to the hospitality and help from APSS buddies, Ms. Fanny and Dr. Luke. I also missed the lifestyle of Hong Kong and its dim sum. I definitely will come back someday!


jung won kwon 200x134

Exchange Year (2012-13)
Jung Won, KWON
Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea

APSS courses provided me with plentiful materials regarding Chinese culture. I particularly enjoyed the course "China and the World", which was so helpful to expand my knowledge on Chinese political situation, and its relationship with neighborhood countries. I also enjoyed meeting with local student through APSS’s buddy program. I am glad to have the chance of spending a few months at this welcoming and friendly academic department.


anh kieu

Exchange Year (2012-13)
(University of California, San Diego)

My time at APSS as an exchange student was indescribable and will forever remain a part of my best memories in Hong Kong. I enjoyed every moment there. I still remember the first day on campus when Dr. Luke took us all out to eat dim sum. He made sure to familiarize us all with the culture and cuisine. It was a blessing to be attached at APSS because everyone was so welcoming. They definitely made me feel right at home! The academic aspect of my study abroad experience, thus, as you can tell, has been nothing but a positive one. I was enlightened by the professors and welcomed by the local students. Hong Kong is overall such a beautiful and lively city that it is impossible not to have a social life. Making friends from other countries was easy as pie because we were all on the same boat. We ate together, we explored together, and we questioned together. If given a chance, I would love to come back to this city!


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Exchange Year (2012-13)
(University of Twente, The Netherlands)

Coming to Hong Kong and the PolyU was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’ve spent an inexpressible time at PolyU and thinking of it makes me smile every time! I met a lot of people like other exchange students with whom I could share my experiences and feelings. But at the same time the buddy program of APSS gave me the possibility to contact with local people who were willing to introduce me to their country and their culture. Staff at APSS was always supportive and they offered their hands promptly whenever it is called for. Their effectiveness was quite impressive! So after all, I am leaving Hong Kong with a very good feeling, knowing that I want to come back one day!