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Teaching Fellow

PhD (PolyU)
MASW (PolyU)
BASW (PolyU)



2766 5705


Social Work Theory & Practice I
Gender and Social Work
Advanced Social Work Theory & Practice I
Social Work Theory & Practice Workshop
Generic Social Work Practice with Groups, Organisations and Communities
Integrative Project
Advanced Social Work Theory & Practice II
Advanced Macro Social Work Intervention


Research Interests:
Social economy
Women and community development
Gender and social work



Selected Publications:
Chan, Kam Wah & Chan, Fung Yi (to be published) “Genealogy of Lone Parent Family: The Making of Oppressive Social Policy”

Chan, Fung Yi (2008) “Path of My Heart” in Ku, Ben (ed.) Male/female Voice: a Practice of the Feminist Writing, Beijing: Social Sciences Publishing Ltd., pp.101-120. (in Chinese)

Chan, Fung Yi, Liu, Ngan Fung & Lui, Lok Man (2006) “How They Work It Out, We are the Same---On Rethinking ‘Partnership’ between Social Work Profession and Self-help Organization of Abused Wives” in Leung, Lai Ching & Chan, Kam Wah (eds.) Gender and Social Work---Theory and Practice, Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, pp.241-252. (in Chinese)

Chan, Fung Yi (2006) “Hong Kong Women’s Cooperative as Alternative Economic Practice”, The 33rd World Congress of Schools of Social Work: Growth and Inequality at Santiago, Chile, 28th - 31st August, 2006.

Chan, Fung Yi (2005) “Quilting the Human Connections: Arts and Activism with Disadvantaged Women in Hong Kong” New Community Quarterly, Vol. 3 No.2 - Winter Issue, pp.17-22.

Chan, Kam Wah & Chan, Fung Yi (2003) "Inclusion or Exclusion: Housing Battered Women in Hong Kong" Critical Social Policy, Issue 77, Vol.23, No.4, London & California: Sage Publications, pp.526-546.

Chan, Fung Yi & Chu, Shuk Fan (2002) “Interpreting Workers' Resistance to Welfare ‘Reform’” Hong Kong Journal of Social Work, Vol.36, Nos. 1 & 2, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Social Workers Association Ltd., pp.113-132.