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Teaching Fellow

MPhil (PolyU)
BSc (Alberta)



2766 5749


Children and Youth with Diverse Learning Needs;
Reading Difficulties;
Mathematical Learning Difficulties


Introduction to Psychology
Understanding Learning Difficulties
Psychology of Personality
Psychology of Language: Milestones and Theories of Language Development
Psychology of Exceptional Children
Advanced Practices in Learning Disorders and Language Minority
Assessment and Instructional Strategies for Children and Youth with Specific Learning Disabilities


Selected Publications:
Ho, C. S. H, Wong, H. Y.-K., Lo, C.-M., Chan, D. W., Chung, K. K.-H., & Lo, S. C. (In press). Helping Children with Reading Disability in Chinese: The Response to Intervention Approach with Effective Evidence-Based Curriculum. In X. Chen, Q. Wang & Y. C. Luo (Eds.), Reading Development and Difficulties in Monolingual and Bilingual Chinese Children. Springer. (Forthcoming in Oct 2013.)

Yeung, P.-S, Ho, C.S.H., Chan, D. Wai, Chung, K. K.-H., & Wong, H. Y.-K. (in press). A model of reading comprehension in Chinese elementary school children. Learning and Individual Differences.

Cheng, T. K., Ho, D.Y.F. Xie, W. Wong, H. Y.-K., & Cheng-Lai, A. (2013). Alienation, Despair and Hope as Predictors of Health, Coping and non-engagement among non-engaged youth: Manifestations of spiritual emptiness. Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy. doi: 10.1080/21507686.2012.756405

Ho, C. S. H., Wong, H. Y.-K., Yeung, P. S., Lo, S. C., Luan, H., Chik, P. P. M., et al. (2012). The core components of reading instruction in Chinese. Reading and Writing: An interdisciplinary Journal, 25, 857-886

Chik, P. P.-M., Ho, C. S.-H., Yeung, P.-S., Wong, H. Y.-K., Chan, D. W., Chung, K. K.-H., & Lo, L.-Y. (2012). Contribution of discourse and morphosyntax skills to reading comprehension in Chinese dyslexic and typically developing children. Annals of Dyslexia, 62, 1-18.

Ho, C. S. H., Wong, H. Y.-K, Lo, C. M., Chan, D. W., Chung, K. K.-H., Tsang, S. M., et al. (2010). The Hong Kong Chinese Literacy Assessment for Junior Primary School Students (CLA-P ). Hong Kong Specific Learning Difficulties Research Team.