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Research Assistant Professor





BA  (York)




2766 5653



Social policy in Hong Kong and East Asia;

Long-term care for older adults





Teaching (subject teaching in coming year):

Comparative Social Policy and Social Development


Research Interests:

Comparative social policy and welfare regimes;

Social security;

Intercultural interactions;

Social integration of disadvantaged groups;

Digital inclusion


Selected Publications (Scholarly Books & Monographs, Journals, Book Chapters, Conference papers):

Ling, H. W. H., Chui, E. W. H., Lee, V. W. P., & Wu, J. (2019). Examining the Volunteer Satisfaction Index – Chinese (VSI-C) among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong, Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 16(6), 626-642.


Lai, D. W., Lee, V. W., Li, J. and Dong, X. (2019), The Impact of Intergenerational Relationship on Health and Well‐Being of Older Chinese Americans. J Am Geriatr Soc, 67: S557-S563. doi:10.1111/jgs.15893


Lai, D. W., Li, J., Lee, V. W. and Dong, X. (2019), Environmental Factors Associated with Chinese Older Immigrants' Social Engagement. J Am Geriatr Soc, 67: S571-S576. doi:10.1111/jgs.15899


Lee, V. W. P., Ling, H. W. H., & Cheung, J. C. S. (2018). The popularization of technology and family: The impact of family atmosphere, parent-child conflicts and parenting approaches on adolescents’ digital charter. In T. S. George, A. Kumar, N. T. Sudhesh, & R. Sreehart (eds.). Handbook on character strength development: Theory, research and implications for practice. SAGE.


Wong, Y. C., & Lee, V. W. P. (2017). Parenting methods and self-efficacy of parents in supervising children’s use of mobile devices; The case Hong Kong. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 35(1), 63-85.


Wong, Y. C., Chen, H. L., Lee, V. W. P., Fung, J. Y. C., & Law, C. K. (2014). Empowerment of senior citizens via the learning of information and communication technology. Ageing International, 39, 144-162.


Current Research Projects:

  1. Health differences among South Asian and Chinese older adults in Hong Kong: The role of social capital (as Co-I) (funded by RGC General Research Fund, 2020)
  1. Effects of social and political unrests on mental health of older people in Hong Kong (as Co-I) (funded by Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round), 2020)