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Assistant Professor


PhD (U of Washington)

MPhil (CUHK)

BSocSc (HKU)



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Chinese societies

Mixed Methods


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Social Research Methods

Gender and Social Changes in Chinese Societies

Discovering Hong Kong Society


Selected Publications (Scholarly Books & Monographs, Journals, Book Chapters, Conference papers):

Peer Reviewed Books

Lui, Lake. 2013. Re-negotiating Gender: Household Division of Labor when She earns more than He does. Springer Ltd.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Lui, Lake, Sara R. Curran. Forthcoming. “I Wish I Were a Plumber!”: Transnational Class Re-Constructions Across Migrant Experiences Across Hong Kong's Professionals and Managers" Current Sociology.


Lui, Lake, Chin-fen Chang. 2019. "Gendering the Job Demands-Resources Model: Work-Family Conflict in Taiwan." Families, Relationships and Societies. 


Lui, Lake. 2019. "Filial Considerations in Mate Selection: Urban and Rural Guangdong in the Post-Mao Era." Modern China.


Lui, Lake, and Keelee Chou. 2019. "Stay-at-Home Fathers in Hong Kong: Trends and Characteristics." Asian Population Studies.


Lui, Lake. 2018. "Marital power in inter-hukou families in China: An intersectionality approach." Journal of Family Issues 39(5): 1165-1190.


Lui, Lake. 2017. “Hukou Intermarriage in China: Patterns and Trends.” Chinese Sociological Review 49(2): 110-137.


Cheung, Adam, and Lake Lui. 2017. “Hiring domestic help in Hong Kong: The role of gender attitude and wives’ income.” Journal of Family Issues 38(1): 73-99.


Lui, Lake. 2016. “Gender, Rural-Urban Inequalities and Intermarriages in China.” Social Forces 95(2): 639-662.


Lui, Lake. 2016. “Sexual Harassment of Women in China: The Role of Liberal Sex Attitudes.” Social Transformation in Chinese Society 12(2): 181-196.

        * Winner for The Emerald Literati Outstanding Paper Award, 2017


Lui, Lake, and Yuk Ping Choi. 2015. “Not Just Mum and Dad: The Role of Children in Exacerbating Gender Inequalities in Childcare.” Journal of Family Issues 36(13): 1829-1853. (Equal author)

Groves, Julian, and Lake Lui. 2012. “The “Gift” of Help: Domestic Helpers and the Maintenance of Hierarchy in the Household Division of Labour.” Sociology 46(1): 57-73.


Lui, Lake. 2010. “Doing Gender, Undoing Gender or Redoing Gender: Household Division of Labor for Status Reversed Couples.” Social Transformation in Chinese Society 4: 8-35.


Other publications

Lui, Tai Lok, and Lake Lui. Reduced concept of citizenship: social order and community activity. In Lui Tai Lok’s The Hong Kong Stories in the 70s. Xianggang : Zhonghua shu ju. (Written in Chinese).


Current Research Projects:

Family Policies, Social Norms and Fertility Decisions: A Survey Experiment (funded by CPU Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, 2017)


Professional & Community Service:

Member, International Sociological Association

Member, Association for Asian Studies

Ad-hoc Journal Reviewer: Social Sciences Methods, Journal of Ethnics and Migration Studies, Journal of Family Issues, Demographic Research, Sex Roles, Chinese Sociological Review, Modern China, Family, Relationships, and Society, Asian Women, Journal of Family Studies, Journal of Asian Public Policy, Scottish Geographical Journal, Social Transformation in Chinese Society