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wu qiaobing

Associate Head

MPhil (CUHK)
LLB (Peking U)



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Youth Studies
Health, Mental Health and Behavioral Health
Health and Welfare Policy
Advanced Statistical Methods

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Social Impact Assessment

Social Policy and Social Development in China

Research for Policy and Administration


Research Interests: 

Health and Well-being of Children and Adolescents


Social Capital


Health and Welfare Policy


Selected Publications: 

Wu, Q. (2017). Effects of social capital in multiple contexts on the psychosocial adjustment of Chinese migrant children. Youth and Society, 49(2), 150-179. (IF=1.681)

Kim, J., Fung, J., Wu, Q., Fang, C., & Lau, A. (2017). Parenting variables associated with growth mindset: An examination of three Chinese-heritage samples. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 8(2), 115-125. (IF=1.636).

Palinkas, L.A., Wu, Q., Fuentes, D., Finno-Velasquez, M., Hollaway, I.W., Garcia, A., & Chamberlain, P. (2017). Innovation and the use of research evidence in youth-serving systems: A mixed methods study. Child Welfare94(2), 57-85. (IF=0.90)

Jordan, L.P., Chui, C., & Wu, Q. (2017). Local worker discretion within non-governmental organisations: social integration, social control, or innovation? China Journal of Social Work, 9(3), 238-256. (IF=0.18).

Jordan, L.P., DeVerteuil, G.,  Kandt, J., Manley, D., & Wu, Q. (2016). On the edge: Changing geographies of the global city precariat in London and Hong Kong. Urban Geography. (IF=1.554). DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2016.1258205

Ma, G. & Wu, Q. (2016). The welfare boundary: A hidden mechanism of the Hukou regulation and migrant workers’ rights in China. In Q. Xu & L.P. Jordan (Eds.), Migrant workers: Social identity, occupational challenges and health practice (pp. 125-134). Haupauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Wu, Q., Lu, D., & Kang, M. (2015). Social capital and the mental health of children in rural China with different experiences of parental migration. Social Science and Medicine132, 270-277. (IF=3.568)

Wu, Q., Tsang, B., & Ming, H. (2014). Social capital, family support, resilience and educational outcomes of Chinese migrant children. British Journal of Social Work44(3), 636-656. (IF=1.484)

Liu, K., Wu, Q., & Liu, J. (2014). Examining the association between social health insurance participation and patients’ out-of-pocket payments in China: The role of institutional arrangement. Social Science & Medicine, 113, 95-103. (IF=3.568)

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Wu, Q. (2013). Family capital, child’s personal agency, and the academic achievement of Chinese migrant children. In S. Phillipson, K. Y. L. Ku and S. N. Phillipson (Eds.), Constructing educational achievement: A sociocultural perspective (pp. 26-41). London/New York: Routledge.

Wu, Q. & Palinkas, L. A. (2013). Social capital and psychosocial adjustment of migrant children in China: The role of children’s personal agency. In C.C. Yi (Ed.), The psychological well-being of East Asian youth (pp. 281-309). New York, NY: Springer.

Wu, Q., Tsang, B., & Ming, H. (2012). Contributions of family and neighborhood factors to the mental health of migrant children in China: Implications for policy and services. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth17(2-3), 113-129.

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Wong, D. F. K., Chang, Y., He, X., & Wu, Q. (2010). The protective functions of relationships, social support and self-esteem in the life satisfaction of children of migrant workers in Shanghai, China. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 56(2), 143-157. (IF=1.603)

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Ferguson, K. M., Wu, Q., Dyrness, G.., & Spruijt-Metz, D. (2007). Perceptions of faith and outcomes in faith-based programs for homeless youth: A grounded theory approach. Journal of Social Service Research, 33(4), 25-43. (IF=0.483)

Wu, Q. (2002). The process perspective of social policy research: A case study of the endowment insurance system in rural society of Beijing. Sociological Research, 97, 55-68. (Chinese)

Current Research Projects : 

2017-2018 (Principal Investigator). Migration Policy, Welfare Boundary, Social Integration and the Health-related Quality of Life of Children from Immigrant Families. Funded by Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Research Development Fund, GBP 10,000.2017-

2018 (Co-Investigator). A Study on Family Status Discrimination in the Workplace. Funded by Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) Grant for Research, HKD 600,999.20.

2016-2018 (Principal Investigator). Social and Cultural Capital in the Creation of Human and Health Capital: A Mixed Methods Comparative Study of Cross-border, Immigrant, Native-born Children in Hong Kong and HK-born Children in the Mainland. Funded by Research Grants Council General Research Fund (RGC/GRF), HKD 649,500.

2016-2018 (Co-Investigator). Childrearing at a Distance: Development of an Evidence-based Parent Support Group and Education Program for Migrant Mothers of Left-behind Children in China. Funded by Research Grants Council General Research Fund (RGC/GRF), HKD 536,140.

2016-2017 (Co-Investigator). Early Childhood Education and Family Care in Hong Kong. Funded by Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, HKD 350,000.

2016-2017 (Co-Investigator). Development and Implementation of a Positive Psychology Intervention to Improve Mental Health among Secondary School Students and Teachers in Hong Kong. Funded by the Knowledge Transfer Project Fund, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKD 271,000.

2016-2017 (Co-Investigator). Neighborhood, Community Support and Health Behaviors in Contemporary China: A Comparison of Diverse Urban Populations. Funded by the Group Research and Renewal Funding, University of Hong Kong, HKD 100,000.

2016-2017 (Co-Investigator). Social Capital and Prevention Strategies for Hypertension Control: A Study on Hypertensive Patients in Shenzhen. Funded by the Basic Research Project, Shenzhen Municipal Government, CNY 300,000.

2014-2017 (Co-Investigator). Living in Limbo—A Child Protection Project. Funded by the Government Matching Grant Scheme, University of Hong Kong, HKD 250,000.

2013-2015 (Principal Investigator). Disparities in Education and Psychological Well-being among Migrant, Left-Behind, and Native Urban and Rural Children in China: The Role of Social Capital in Multiple Contexts. Funded by Research Grants Council Early Career Scheme (RGC/ECS), HKD 680,185.

Professional & Community Service: 

Academic Services

Invited Grant Reviewer for the National Science Foundation, United States

Invited Grant Reviewer for the Austrian Science Fund, Austria

Invited Grant Reviewer for RGC Faculty Development Scheme for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector, HKSAR

Non-panel Reviewer for the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR

Editorial Board Member for International Journal of Community and Family Medicine

Editorial Board Member for China Journal of Social Work

Ad-hoc Reviewer for 20+ Academic Journals

Community Services

Hong Kong Society of Behavioral Health (Executive Committee Member)

Chinese Clearinghouse for Evidence-Based Practice and Policy (Scientific Advisory Committee Member)

Hong Kong Island Federation (Board Member)

Hong Kong Island Social Services Foundation (Professional Committee Member)

International Society of Behavioral Medicine (INSPIRE Committee Member)

Research Center on Migration and Mobility (Affiliated Member)

Pearl River Delta Social Research Centre (External Member)

Society for Social Work and Research, United States (Member)

East Asian Social Policy Network (Member)

International Sociological Association (Member)

Asian Network of Behavioral Health (Member)

International Network of Transnational Families (Member)

Council on Social Work Education, United States (Member)

Society for Prevention Research, United States (Member)