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Social Policy, Social Welfare, and Community DevelopmentSocial Theory, China and Global Social Development

anita koo

Associate Head

PhD (Oxford)
MPhil (HKU)
BSocSc (HKU)



2766 4945


Education inequality;
Class and stratification;
Migrant population in China


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Social and Cultural Dimensions of Health
Sociology of Health
Gender and Social Changes in Chinese Societies


Selected Research Projects:

2018-2020 ‘Gendering the New Generation of Chinese Workers in Vocational Schools’, General Research Fund, RGC, Hong Kong Government. (PI)


2016-2019 ‘Learning to Labor: Social Media and Migrant Labor Protection in Mainland China’. Collaborative Research Fund Scheme, RGC, Hong Kong Government. (Co-PI)


2013-2016 ‘Vocational Education and Social Mobility of Migrant Youth in China’, General Research Fund, RGC, Hong Kong Government. (PI)


2012-2015 ‘A New Age of World Factory: Capital Expansion, the Role of State and Foxconn Production in China’. General Research Fund, RGC, Hong Kong Government. (Co-I)



Selected Publications:

Refereed Journal papers:


Edited books:

  • 2015. Social Economy in China and the World, edited by Pun, Ngai, Ben Ku, Hairong Yan and Anita Koo, London: Routledge.
  • 2014.《社會經濟在中國:超越資本主義的理論與實踐》,潘毅、嚴海蓉、古學斌、顧靜華 編(北京:社會科學文獻) (Social Economy in China: Beyond the Imagination of Capitalism, edited by Pun, Ngai, Hairong Yan, Ben Ku and Anita Koo, Beijing: Chinese Social Sciences Academic Literature Press)
  • 2013.《不一樣的香港社會經濟》潘毅、陳鳳儀、顧靜華、盧燕儀編(香港:香港商務印書館)(Alternative and Social Economy in Hong Kong, edited by Pun, Ngai, Pauline Chan, Anita Koo and Y.Y. Lo, Hong Kong: Commercial Press


Conference Papers: