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Family, Child, Youth, and Ageing Studies Social Policy, Social Welfare, and Community Development


Associate Professor




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Positive ageing and subjective well-being
Intergenerational relationships and care arrangement in ageing families
Retirement protection and long-term care policy
Evidence-based practice for health promotion in older adults


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Social Policy and Social Care for an Ageing Society

Theories of Social Policy

Capstone Project for Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management


Administrative Postion:

Programme leader, BA (Hons) in Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management


Honorary Fellowship:

2014 – present Honorary Research Fellow. Sau Po Centre on Ageing. The University of Hong Kong

2015 – 2017 Visiting Fellow, Personal Social Services Research Unit, London School of Economics and Political Science


Selected Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles (*corresponding author)
Bai, X. (2018). Whom should I rely on for my future care? Patterns of care expectations and intergenerational correlates among ageing Chinese adults in Hong Kong. Health and Social Care in the Community, online first, doi: 10.1111/hsc.12629  (IF: 2.04; Q1: 7/42 in Social Work)
Bai, X.* (2018). Hong Kong Chinese aging adults voice financial care expectations in changing family and sociocultural contexts: Implications for policy and services. Journal of Aging and Social Policy, online first, doi:  (IF: 1.51; Q3: 19/36 in Gerontology)
Bai, X.* (2017). Development and validation of a multidimensional Intergenerational Relationship Quality Scale for Aging Chinese parents. The Gerontologist, online first, doi: (IF: 4.08; Q1: 3/36 in Gerontology)
Bai, X.*, Liu, C., Baladon, L., & Rubio-Valera, M. (2017). Multidimensional determinants of the caregiving burden among Chinese male caregivers of older family members in Hong Kong.  Aging and Mental Health, online first doi: 10.1080/13607863.2017.1330872 (IF: 2.66; Q1: 8/36 in Gerontology)
Bai, X.*, Leung, D., Lai, C.K.Y., Chong, A., & Chi, I. (2017). Mediating effect of decline in social activities on urinary incontinence and negative mood: Do sex and marital differences exist? Geriatrics and Gerontology International, 17(11), 1829–1836. (IF: 2.66; Q1: 9/36 in Gerontology)
Bai, X.*, Hung, K., & Lai, D.W.L. (2017). The role of travel in enhancing life satisfaction among Chinese older adults in Hong Kong. Ageing and Society,37(9), 1824–1848. (IF: 1.62; Q2: 17/36 in Gerontology)
Bai, X.* (2016). Alignment or Struggle? Exploring socio-demographic correlates of individual modernity modes in Chinese older people. Ageing and Society36(1), 133–159. (IF: 1.62; Q2: 17/36 in Gerontology)
Bai, X.*, Lai, D.W.L., & Guo, A. (2016). Ageism and depression: Perceptions of older people as a burden in China. Journal of Social Issues72(1), 26–46. (IF: 2.23; Q1: 6/40 in Social Issues)
Bai, X.*, Ho, D., Fung, K., Tang, L., He, M., Young, D., Ho, F., & Kwok, T. (2014). Effectiveness of a life story work program on older adults with intellectual disabilities. Clinical Interventions in Aging9, 1–8. (IF: 2.51, Q3: 30/53 in Geriatrics and Gerontology)
Bai, X.*, Kwok, T., Chan, N., & Ho, F. (2013). Determinants of job satisfaction in foreign domestic helpers caring for people with dementia in Hong Kong: The role of helpers' adaptation status, job self-efficacy and care recipients' situation. Health and Social Care in the Community21(5), 472–479. (IF: 2.04; Q1: 7/42 in Social Work)

Book Chapters
Bai, X.*, Yang, S.Y., Wang, F.L., & Knapp, M. (2017). Social support and sense of loneliness in solitary older adults. In T.T. Wu et al. (eds). Lecture Notes on Computer Science (pp.326-330). Springer International Publishing. 
Au, A., Yip, H.M., Chan, W.C, Bai, X., & Tsien, T. (2016). Chapter 6. Ageing and Mental Health: Challenges and Innovations in Hong Kong. Aging and Mental Health: Global Perspectives. Edited by W.W. Li, S.M., Cummings, I. Ponnuswami, & H-J. Park. New York: Nova Science Publishers.
Lai, D.W.L., & Bai, X. (2016). Chapter 15. Social Work with Diverse Older Adults. In A.Al-Krenawi, J.R. Graham, & N. Habibov (Ed). Diversity in Social Work in Canada (pp. 345-372). Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press.


Consultancy Reports
Wong, Y.C., Bai, X., Lou. V. Huang, P.M. (2017). Retirement and Care Planning in the Context of Population Ageing in Hong Kong. Report submitted to 2017 Cross Straits Pension System Research Team.

Chui, E., Law, C.K., Bai, X., Chow, E., Dai, D., Lai, D., Ma, C., & Tsien, T. (2017). Elderly Services Programme Plan. Report submitted to Elderly Commission.

Chui, E., Law, C.K., Bai, X., Dai, D., Lai, D., Ma, C., & Tsien, T. (2016). Feasibility Study on Introducing a Voucher Scheme on Residential Care Services for the Elderly. Report submitted to Labour and Welfare Bureau, HKSAR Government

Chow, N.W.S., Wong, Y.C., Chan, W.S., Ho, K.M., & Bai, X. (2014). The future development of Hong Kong retirement protection (in Chinese). Report submitted to Commission on Poverty, HKSAR Government.

Chow, N.W.S., Wong, Y.C., Chan, K.S., Bai, X., & Chan, H.H. (2013). A study report on the social security system in Macau (in Chinese). Report submitted to Fundo de Segurança Social (FSS) de Macau.

Chow, N W.S., Wong, Y.C., Chou, K.L., Ko, P.K., Lee, V., Bai, X. (2011). A feasibility study on introducing a new scheme of support for retired elderly people. Report submitted to Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government.



Current Research Projects:

2018 – 2021 (Principal Investigator). Individual efforts or intergenerational responses? A longitudinal mixed methods study of future care planning among Hong Kong ageing families. Funded by Hong Kong Research Grants Council General Research Fund, HK$858,084

2018 – 2021 (Co-Investigator). Effectiveness of a peer-led pain management program in relieving chronic pain and enhancing pain self-efficacy among older adults: A clustered randomized controlled trial. Funded by Health and Medical Research Fund administered by the Food and Health Bureau of the HKSAR Government, HK$1,044,390

2017 – 2018 (Principal Investigator). Poverty and retirement patterns of ageing adults before and after retirement in Hong Kong: The role of intergenerational relationships. Funded by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK$105,000

2017 – 2020 (Co-Investigator). Intergenerational relations, care expectations and subjective well-being of Chinese elderly in the tide of modernization. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, RMB233,000

2016 – 2017 (Principal Investigator). Intergenerational relationship quality and care expectations of ageing parents in Hong Kong. Funded by Research Grants Council General Research Fund - Early Career Scheme, HK$784,285.

2015 – 2018 (Principal Investigator). Ageing Chinese adults’ care expectations and their determinants: A photovoice study in Hong Kong. Funded by Hong Kong Polytechnic University Central Research Grant, Department General Research Fund, HK$256,000.

2015 – 2017 (Co-Investigator). Seeking Help for Mental Health Problems in Hong Kong: The Influence of Family. Funded by Research Grants Council - General Research Fund, HK$988,500


Professional & Community Service:

Reviewer for Academic Journals

  • Aging and Mental Health
  • Ageing and Society
  • Applied Research in Quality of Life
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development
  • BMC Geriatrics
  • China Journal of Social Work
  • Clinical Interventions in Aging
  • European Journal of Social Psychology
  • Habitat International
  • Health and Social Care in the Community
  • International Social Work
  • International Journal of Social Science Studies
  • International Journal of Social Welfare
  • International Psychogeriatrics
  • Journal of Applied Gerontology  
  • Journal of Asian Public Policy
  • Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare
  • Journal of Family Therapy
  • Journal of Gerontological Social Work
  • Journal of Social Issues
  • Quality in Ageing and Older Adults
  • Research on Aging
  • Social Science Research


Reviewer for Research Grants and Conference Abstracts

  • RGC Faculty Development Scheme for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector
  • Proposal review for 2016 Aging in America Conference held by American Society of Ageing, March 24 – 26 2016, Washington, D.C., The United States.


Community Services

Teacher, Life-Long Learning Programme for Older Adults in Hong Kong
Honorary Research Advisor, The Salvation Army
Member, Hong Kong InterRAI
Member, Gerontological Society of America