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Family, Child, Youth, and Ageing Studies

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Assistant Professor

MPhil (HKU)
BSocSc (HKU)



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Youth mentoring and mentorship program evaluation
Youth health and psychosocial development


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Introduction to Psychology
Research Methods in Applied Psychology


Research Interests:
Mentoring relationship

Goal and psychosocial outcomes

Developmental assets in children of disadvantaged background


Selected Publications:
Lai, S. M. K. & Vera, A. H. (1999). Rethinking the role of external representation in problem solving. Proceedings of the Twenty First Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, p. 799.

Salili, F., & Lai, M. K. (2003). Learning and motivation of Chinese students in Hong Kong: a longitudinal study of the contextual influences on students' achievement orientation and performance. Psychology in the schools, 40(1), 51-70.

Lai, M. K., Ho, S. Y., & Lam, T. H. (2004). Perceived peer smoking prevalence and its association with smoking behaviours and intentions in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents. Addiction, 99, 1195-1205.

Lam, T. H., Stewart, S. M., Ho, S. Y., Lai, M. K., Rao, U., & Salili, F. (2005). Depressive symptoms and smoking among Hong Kong Chinese adolescents. Addiction, 100, 1003-11.

Chan, R. C. K., & Lai, M. K. (2006). Latent structure of the Test of Everyday Attention: convergent evidence from patients with traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury, 20(6), 653-659.

Au, A., Lai, M. K., Lau, K. M., Pan, P. C., Lam, L., Thompson, L. & Thompson, D. G. (2009). Social support and well-being in dementia family caregivers: the mediating role of self-efficacy. Ageing and Mental Health, 13(5), 761-768.

Chan, C. C., Lai, M. K., Choi, P. Y., Tsang, B., & Ming, H. (2011). Differential outcomes of psychosocial development among local and mobile children in two school types in Beijing and Shanghai. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 10(3), 187-193.

Chan, C. C., Lai, M. K., Ng, E. C. W., & Lau, S. Y. (2013). A review of features and outcomes of the Hong Kong Child Development Fund. China Journal of Social Work, 6(2), 127-148.

Ng, E. C. W., Chan, C. C., & Lai, M. K. (2014). Hope and life satisfaction among underprivileged children in Hong Kong: The mediating role of perceived community support. Journal of Community Psychology, 42(3), 352-364.


Current Research Projects :
Tin Ka Ping Child Development Fund (School-based) Project (funded by Tin Ka Ping Foundation, 2014)


Professional & Community Service:
American Psychological Association Hong Kong Psychological Society